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Friday, June 6, 2008

Breakin Bread (Equality) with Pluto 3,680,000,000 miles away

Peace ~ Today I'm taking it back to the foundation and root of it all! Knowledge. The number 1, the alpha, numeral uno. Why? Because I'm about the babies. Literally. I got Power (5) seeds, I coach, and most importantly I get paid to do it....and "if a civilized person does not perform his duty what must be done?" (19/1-40) Ans. My azz will be unemployed. And that's how I apply it to me. So, I get paid to do what is my damn job as a civilized person and being of that said ability. But "why stress it today God, it's the Equality (6th) day". You know why, because everyday has a foundation, my foundation is Knowledge of Self (my degrees/120). Knowledge, sometimes we get so caught up in the ill ass crossover we forget about the fundamentals; the dribble, the pass, to tie our shoes.

Knowledge is the foundation of everything in existence, to look, listen, observe and respect. To look, listen, observe and respect is to do the knowledge; to analyze, break down, refine it, build it back up and utilize. And the babies are doing that on a regular. And I see it everyday. A large amount of their foundations is built off, no sleep, alcohalism, abuse, drugs, filthiness, just not living a respectable life and straight up fed the wrong food. I came into KOS in Born God ('97) and it was a beautiful thing. But by '99 my foundation was Hustler/Baller. It wasn't God, the 7, the Sun or none of that. It was Hustler/Baller. The Knowledge Degree in the 1-10 doesn't state WHO IS THE ORIGINALMAN? THE ORIGINAL MAN IS THE ASIATIC "Blockman", the maker of drugs, owner of flyest car and I won't be free long enough to enjoy it, and getting cream all over the planet earth, Father of uncivilization and God of the hood. I was popping bottles and giving toys to children around the hood at Christmas time. And my seeds was sitting back, like damn my daddy is getting it and I wanna be just like him, and so were others. On May 18, 2004 I got hit with reality...or did I? That night I was robbed, shot, pistil whipped up. And the next day all I wanted to do was kill someone and was wondering where's my record deal now. By this time the only thing I was making was Devil and Devils. I almost missed my daughter being born and all that.

So now what? I enjoy just listing to rappers ballin out, and just "remind me of my fast life ventures". Now I teach on the poor part of the planet earth. Civilizing, teaching Knowledge and Wisdom to the human families of the planet, and wouldn't think about being other then my ownself. Some of the same people I supplied, yep, now I work with their kids and they don't know how to act for the life of them. Oh it's the Equality day of the month all right, I just realized you get back what you gave out, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And if the shyt from '99 is just now sharing its Equality, what else is to come? Too many days of Destroying the wrong thing, I guess. I'm not going to tell you in general how to act at home and abroad, just to do the Knowledge to my story.

Your lessons are like a blueprint, a code of ethics, if you will. Peace and all praises due to those doing Allah's duty. Also, don't forget to do the Knowledge to Saladin Quanaah' Allah's Journal and download your FREE COPY of "DA GOD" by EMBLEM.