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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Season of Knowledge of Self

Peace, how have my few but much appreciated readers been? The hustles and changes of life have just prevented me from blogging.

What is the Season of "Knowledge of Self"? Well, it seems to be this time in my life after 12 years that there has been this flow of people in search of a better life, through this culture. Not only new heads, but brotha's I've dealt with who have disappeared off the know-ledge. It's quite a beautiful thing.

So, what has attributed to this season? It's the blogger's, U-N-I, and those using the methods to reach the masses. God's like Emblem, Saladin, Sha-King, Divine 39A, CB'S, Khalik, Lord Born Justice and those are just to name a few that I enjoy. These Gods have produced books, blogs and Youtube videos.

I had a young God from Buffalo, NY who contacted me after reading The 5%ers: Islam, Hip-hip and the Gods of New York, by Micheal Muhammad Knight. The funny thing about that book, is that there's actually apart of that book that took place at my house. That night the God's from Buffalo sat with Azreal & Knight at my rest building before continuing their travels on to Milwaukee the Cream City. Azreal (the first "white" 5%er) and Knight (author)stayed late into the evening. Azreal basically spoke of the past; mainly his encounters and time spent with Father Allah. Knight, took notes on the builds for what would later become his works on the Nation of Gods & Earths, formally known as the 5% Nation. It was an interesting evening for what it was worth. So, this young God found an interest based off what Knight expressed in his book. Now, I've seen many arguments on Knight's book especially around the time it came out. Someone even leaked to me via e-mail. But, that's not what blog is about.

We as nation have been taking hold of free ways or "freeways" to reach the masses. However, a word of CAUTION to those newbies to the nation or those seeking assistance in obtaining Knowledge of Self. Take nothing on face value, especially when dealing with the "Inter-net Knowledge" & "Inter-net Gods & Earths". That goes for my blog too. I always tell those in search of K.O.S., "no matter how much you pay for a book, you can never pay for an understanding". Do the Knowledge.

Divine King Allah

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free Leonard Peltier

~*~Open Letter to President Obama on Leonard Peltier~*~

Dear President Obama,
On behalf of myself, friends, family and literally millions of people all across the United States and the world, I am writing you today concerning an urgent and heartfelt request: to consider the case of Leonard Peltier. For thirty-three years Mr. Peltier has been incarcerated in various American prisons for a crime that there is ample evidence to substantiate he did not commit. For thirty-three years Mr. Peltier, his lawyers and supporters have appealed to the powers that be in Washington to re-open, to re-try the case of the U.S. vs. Leonard Peltier. For thirty-three years these pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Now, at age 64, Leonard Peltier is approaching the end of his life and is in poor health, and those of us who are interested in Native American issues of social justice are trying one last time, when hope has returned to the American spirit and we have a president who espouses transparency and equanimity of policy and practice, to appeal to your sense of compassion and justice in a case that for many represents an opportunity to finally bridge the gap of broken treaties and broken trust between the First Nation peoples of this country and their government. We truly hope that with your new administration and its progressively positive attitudes of equal rights for all peoples, races, religions and economic status, that a time of reconciliation has finally arrived and some of the injustices of the past can be put right, with critical bridges crossed and war wounds healed.
Rather than laying out the long history of the case of the U.S. vs. Leonard Peltier, I prefer to point you in the direction of Mr. Peltier’s book My Life Is My Sun Dance, a book he has written that was published in 1999 to universal acclaim and rave reviews (see enclosure), and which I had the great honor to edit. This book contains his full account of the events surrounding his arrest, his trial, his incarceration and the more than twenty-three years that followed. Also, you might want to consult your colleagues Senator Inouye and Gov. Bill Richardson on this case, as they are familiar with it and are supporters of the world-wide movement to reconsider, re-try and release Leonard Peltier from his incarceration as a political prisoner, wrongly convicted.

To this end I would like to ask of you a favor by granting an audience to Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th-Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe of the Great Lakota Nation, and myself, that we may deliver a message to you on behalf of all those concerned people around the world who have worked--by marching in protest, by contacting their representatives in government, by signing petitions, by writing letters, by working for his legal defense--so hard for Mr. Peltier’s freedom. We would be happy to meet with you, Vice President Biden, Sec. Hillary Clinton, Gov. Bill Richardson, Sen. Inouye, Jodi Archambault Gillette from the Office of Inter-governmental Affairs and anyone else you feel would appropriately need to be involved in such a meeting and any discussions that might occur to shed a brighter light on this matter. Such a meeting, we believe, would not only be a true sign of your willingness to begin a dialogue with Native peoples on issues of overlooked urgency and importance, but would go a long way, in good faith, to showing us that Democracy and Justice still have a meaning in America.

Mr. President, it is with great hope and great expectations that my colleagues and I await your word in response to this letter of inquiry and appeal. Not only does the future of Leonard Peltier depend upon it, but also our hopes for a greater nation where there is truly liberty and justice for all peoples, including First Nation peoples.
Respectfully yours,

Harvey Arden
Washington, DC
with assistance from
Thomas Rain Crow

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gimme a Break

Peace, as you may or may not know I was on a two week vacation. Schools were closed so I was home. Now I didn't go anywhere OT, but it felt great to be home with family. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. So, it's back to the grind today, Monday April 20, 2009.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teach ~ 1 9

Peace ~ I been on a mini vacation from blogging. I had to take my free time and get on these babies around my school to get a few back on point.

So, I rose this morning looking over today's mathematics Knowledge (1) Born (9). It's a serious path when today's Supreme Mathematics is laid out. A lot of Gods talk about making Knowledge (1) Born (9), and that's peace. But it doesn't stop there. 19/1-40 states: If a civilized person does not perform his duty what must be done? Ans: If a civilized person does not perform his duty, which is teaching civilization to others, he must be punished with severe punishment Ezekiel Chapter 3 verse 18. Also, St. Luke Chapter 12 verse 47. So, it's a serious job and duty, also needs to be performed everyday. Because the damn devil is sure doing his as stated in the 13/1-40, "They continue daily to teach". Continue daily to "...teach he who is savage, civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself, the science of everything in life, love, peace and happiness" (18/1-40). This is essential and vital to our & your very existence. There is a chance to come back from a mental death, so it's never too late. But all the history of Islam has never revealed anything of anyone returning from a physical death. By then, it's too late. The very thought of this Knowledge of Self ending in my lineage with me is a mental death and a physical death before its time. Think about that. Teach your wisdom, seeds and anyone with open ears.

You can be a Self Savior or save Self to be a Savior. Who will carry your words as they were in the beginning and so shall it be in the end????

Divine King Allah

Friday, March 6, 2009



Peace ~ for those who don't know, my name is Divine King Allah. This blog will be based off history and current events that effect 90% of the population, The People. News and Media "continue daily" to make a circus out of non-sense events to keep us "dumb, deaf and blind". By that I mean, We The People, really do not have our own news. We resort to mass blogging, searching topics on goggle/yahoo...etc. That is because the media and news is run by an elite few, that is known to the "Civilized People" as the 10%. "They are the rich slave makers of the poor, who teach the poor lies, to believe". And that's just in short, who this group of elitist are.

Before I go any further, let me explain what my attempt is to do with this new blog, The People'z News. Other's may (or may not), know my other blog "Allah In Bethlehem". That blog is directed and presented in a manner more towards those who have "Knowledge of Self", "5% views" and/or "NGE mentalities". I make reference to many degrees and/or principles that we (NGE) analyze multiple times DAILY. Now, The People'z News will be a blog based to simply put news that I find or perhaps ANYONE would like to put out there. Yes, I did say "ANYONE". There is much news and history out there that is covered up daily by the media. And I know some read that statement and might say "how" or "why". Well first "how", is easy. They ,the 10% or Elitist, control the media therefore control what is actually talked about and publicized to the mass people of 90%. It's calculated that about 85% of people are misled by these methods. This 85% are easily misled, scared or entrapped by this source of media. And, it doesn't necessarily have to be "The News" that your misled by. That includes, but not limited to: commericles, sitcoms, movies, late breaking stories, magazines, books; just to name a few. And "why", to simply keep us in a box. It's easier to control people when their scared, misinformed or simply occupied by others means. So, on this blog, it is my attempt to reach ALL people, and put news out there as it pertains to THE PEOPLE. I invite many others to find articles, write stories (with SOURCES) and you may email them to me KING14213@YAHOO.COM. In the SUBJECT line of the email, place; THE PEOPLE'Z NEWS.

These stories mustn't come in an understanding that ALL people can't understand. This is a PEOPLE'z News blog and can't fit to cater towards just one's cultural, race, ethnicity, heritage...etc. It is for the PEOPLE and should be presented in such a form. Although, at this time , this information will be confined to a blog style - we can still reach many and perhaps someone may even take the idea further one day. The idea is for everyone to be able to gain understanding from the information that will be placed upon this blog. We must inform one another and place demands upon those who are able to make power moves for the masses of people. How many times can you listen to the Chris Brown/Rhianna scandal, before we say "What's going on with some health care coverage?" or "What's going on the prices of gas and electric?" or "Why is the rich getting richer, while the poor don't get a F'ing thing - Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson".

In closing, we as people have a job to do. We can't continue to sit sidelined and simply HOPE for change. One day you will be gone, and family will be left behind to endure an unneeded struggle. Oh, your a person "with no family", well perfect time to adopt one. We are families of the planet Earth. Well we may not share the same views, issues, culture, religion...90% of us will endure the same struggles. So, I invite all to share in my endeavors.

Friday, February 20, 2009

20 - T - Truth, my philosophies of living

Peace ~ Just thought I'd share a few ideas of my philosophies. On 2/9/09, I turned 30 years old, or wise. The different trails and tribulations of the past 30 years have created who I am today. And it's safe to say that because, through this experience, I am constantly growing and elevating - better yet Refining. They're 85% of people who can't cee or say that. We say they are stuck at 6. To observe that, I say look at those who have been doing the same thing their whole life. I'm not talking about the same job, wife, day in day out thing. I'm talking about those still going through and creating the same Hell and NOT coming out right. I have come to look at things in life as there is no "wrong or right", only "righteous & devilishment". We will go through trials and tribulation, "hells" if you will. But the objective is not to get stuck within that hell. Everything has come about either from the Original Man, or the Original Mind. It all stems from one origin, and if it didn't we (NGE) would teach a creation story of each individual man (Black, Brown, Yellow, White). Instead, we show & prove of a grafting process. There are truths and untruths within everything. Key word "within". So, it is possible to manifest such, but it's better that we don't. The other key word is "everything". Everything is everything because it derives or is manifest or has been manifested from one origin, in essence. The "half-truths" and "untruths" exist because of the "TRUTH".

Is it the best way and only? For me and my family it is the best way. Is it the only way, for enlightenment ~ no for the truth ~ yes. To know your place and origin in this world is 101, in my view. 101 being that introduction to life. We learn about other people for years, class after class. But many have forgot about one person, SELF. One can reach "an" enlightenment without Knowledge of Self, but to know the Origin and Knowledge of Self puts YOU in the story now. This Nation has raised my alertness, awareness to watch out for the trickery of the 10%'s teachings. This Nation has raised my Consciousness to a vibrant level to help maintain my physical & mental well being. Overall my Knowledge Wisdom Understanding Culture/Freedom Power/Refinement Equality God Build/Destroy Born to complete my Cipher. However, that doesn't me I can read a book on fitness and be fit - you knowledge me? It has basically raised my confidence (not ego) to learn about many other things, without being lead in the wrong direction or religion (reli-on-gin ~ which means to rely on something out side of one's self).

One can find man codes of ethics within religions, cultures, schools of thought...etc. It's not that these codes might not be found in 120 or KOS but perhaps you may have needed to view it in another form to draw out that understanding out. Watching someone getting slapped in the face on TV seemed funny, until I've been slapped in the face - you knowledge me? However, never take your self out the realms of the codes and think they will automatically apply because you read it, or some mystery God will install it. For those still lost, that Mystery God is YOU, it's only a mystery because you have yet to explore YOU on that level.

God is God and Devil is Devil, however the devil has a birth record, in essence. We all have a physical birth record. Can an Original Man be the Devil? I'm beyond that. I'm am GOD and ALLAH. I live life with a humbleness and understanding that one has no purpose without the other. We are all here in the physical and mental in one confined place.

Humbleness is necessary. The universe has a rhythm. So, one must move with the rhythm of Universe internally and externally. Its the key to health, life, longevity. Relationships are their own universe.

So, those are just a few philosophies of living that I've touched on and refined over the past year. I'm sure there were many others, but these were key focuses. If you were wondering how I spent my Born Day ~ 2/9/09 was a full-moon and spent my evening with people I didn't know or have never met, at a Lakota Sweat Lodge. It was a born day I won't soon forget, if ever. I also partied for the rest of the week enjoying life with friends and family who acknowledge the God ~ Thank you all, you mean the world to me and give me a purpose. Willfully you all have good friends and family like mine.

Peace Divine King Allah

Friday, February 6, 2009


Peace ~ anyone who reads my blog know, I can be coming from any angle but always the view of G-O-D! Always forever, forever always - WORD IS BOND. That's because I'm an average dude, with my intelligence wearing a superman's outfit. I like a lot of different stuff, I love to build on anything, not just degrees. Although a conversation will always reflect the knowledge of my degrees. I enjoy average dude shit, I'm a Jesus dude (LOL). I know high class up'y muthafukas, but I enjoy being with them catz from the bottom and Godly people. So, we speak sports, video games, droppin knowledge, TaeKwonDo, working out, politics and politricks, anything and everything. I'm swift and changeable, we might be talking about something that went down in the bar, then we talking about the Math. That's me, so, with that being said we're going to get into some Maury shit exposing the devil and the 10%. That would be a hott show, right? I might be sniped by the end of my first show but, hey.

This summer I was amazed by Michael Phelps, for real. He is a real life Aquaman. He is a great athlete, a tremendous swimmer who pulled the skirts up on many at the last Olympics. He has 14 gold medals (8 from the '08 Olympics/world record), 7 world records and I'm sure there are many other honors. I don't know shit about swimming, I know how not to drowned. But I watched him swim in his last few events and enjoyed it. Real cool Kat on camera, listening to his hip-hop to get amped up. (If this we're a show, I'd bring him out and he would be my GUEST HOST). We'll young Phelps, is in trouble. I'm a 100% on his side. He was caught in a photo while somewhere in England, by a British tabloid, smoking weed. Now, I've never been to England, but I believe it's actually legal there. Just like drinking in Canada is legal at 19, not 21. Now, Phelps is suspended from competition for a little while here in the U.S. This guy went from sugar to shit overnight (in a sense, not completely). He's still doing 1000x's financially better then most of us. But, is stripped from being able to do what he seems to love most, competition for 3 months. When this guy was "representing" the U.S. the 10% took him on their back, for the financial ride of his life. Can you say 12/1-40? "Why doesn't the devil teach this? Because he desires to make slaves out of ALL he can, so he can rob them and live in luxury". In a further blow, Phelps has lost a lucrative sponsorship deal with Kellogg's because of the controversy. Oh but there is a bright side for Phelps. They (the 10%) said, he will remain eligible to compete at the world championships in Rome in July. Look out for the set-up Mike! To quote Libbey Trikkett "But we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero". Well I'm not disappointed in him. And neither should these damn kids. I'm disappointed in Kellogg's! No more $4 box's of the "Breakfast of Champions" for me, I'm buying the $1.89 generic brand. The "Breakfast of God", shit, it's for the poor and righteous.

Now lets expose some real people who need to be exposed, and "ran over the hot Arabian desert". Every company seeking a bailout. Now, I know these companies employ a lot of people that our economy doesn't need unemployed. So, we have to do this smart. So, wait a second, a bailout is funds that are giving to these HUGE mega corporations that spent too much money on their CEO's and board members (who's 1 year of salary will last longer than a lifetime or the human expectancy of life) and can't afford to PAY BILLS, LOANS and EMPLOYEES. This sounds like my life in a nut shell, huuummmm? Do I qualify for a bailout? Here's where it all began for me, Alan Mulally of Ford, Robert Nardelli of Chrysler and Richard Wagoner of GM -- were seeking support for a $25 billion loan package. WOW (Flava Flav style, he could be my hype man on the show). These guys flew in on THEIR private jets. That's like me bringing a cell phone and a car note to food stamps, but I'd be the one who gets cut off. Also, Citigroup (aka Citi Bank) and Bank of America got bailout money too. Know what they did? Their making an attempt to put their name on new BASEBALL PARKS, after letting going of 1000's of employees! This has brought about my next venture, but will not explain at this time. There are many options and ideas. Perhaps let them fold, let companies who know how to work finances do the job. If you need a bank, GO TO A CREDIT UNION!!! Drop your bank today, word is bond, leave now. Next, take the heads out of these companies, put real people w/intelligence in these positions. Here's another idea, we as people present our bailout plans and why we should get bailed out of our debt. Sorry if your a shopaholic, you have to reap the repercussions of your actions. Then we pay off these companies screwing us, and then they will have money. Or, this is a BIG BIG or too, Socialize these companies. Yeah I said it. Stop these people from getting paid these crazy ass salaries, and put the money back into the economy and the peoples hands. If Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream can do so can these companies (a very interesting story, look them up).

The point of this story is, equality. Their is none. It's a hard task and mission because "They continue daily to teach" (13/1-40) that there is and never will be equality. Only that you will be robbed "so they can live in luxury" (12/1-40). Teach the babies!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Understanding, never ever Overstanding!

Allah's Supreme Mathematics

NASIR at the age 2.5, he's six now.

Peace ~ I woke up this morning to my six year old telling me "Today is the Understanding day, right Daddy?", and I replied "True indeed Almighty, true indeed". Figuring out the days Supreme Mathematics, is new for the young God. He has been able to quote the mathematics since he around 2.5, but not associate with the numbers. I use to speak the mathematics to him while still in the womb, and go through degrees while resting my head on the Earth's stomach. He's also remembered a majority of the Supreme Alphabet and knows the question 1/1-10 but his answer is still "Me" (and that's Peace). I've gone easy on teaching the memorization part because I never wanted him to be confused in school and be a lip professor (at that age, it's hard for them to develop that Understanding, and repeat so much). He's also a white belt in TaeKwon-Do, but once he's back on his A game, he'll have his yellow stripe if not yellow belt. He's a great reader, loves Xbox 360 and cartoons. He has a crazy sense of humor and people say "He's a little you (ME)".

My four year old daughter is great! She doesn't know all her Supreme Mathematics but will say "Peace God" with the biggest smile, when I walk through the door. Even after a long hard day, that two seconds through the door I forgot how hard the day was. She loves art, drawing, painting, coloring, school, wrestling (physically), and learning a little TaeKwon-Do. On May 18, 2004 (while my wife was pregnant with her) I faced a big decision. I got set up at someone's house, while hustling hard. That night, I swear I smelled a set up in the air and had nothing on me. So, the 3 amigo's who set me up wanted to go back to my house (but didn't know where I lived). The whole time my wife and her being pregnant was on my mind. I decided these flunkies would just have to kill my ass, because the unborn would not have to pay for my mistakes. But before I made my choice, I decided I was going to make it home and see my baby be born. Without too much details, that night I took 6-8 shots (with entrance and exist wounds, also bullets still lodged in, Doc's couldn't tell), of 14 fired shots. I WALKED out the hospital that night with no major issues. She has since been my will to live and better myself.

And the young G, who's only two. Who says he is two and peace (the two fingers gave him that understanding). We found out my wife was pregnant with him while I was doing some social equality with another female. So, he came about during a ruff part of our (wife and I) relationship, obviously because I let another woman fulfill my wife's time. We've since worked through that, but he is my constant reminder that I have chosen the best part for myself and I am most appreciative that she reflects my light. He looks like me, acts as I did and is that child that your parents tell you "One day you'll have a child and he will be just like you, so you better watch out". He's bright (physically & mentally lol), has a fast temper, no fear and always has to do everything himself, just like me. He has the best smile in the world.

My wife has two other children (14 &15), that I have been apart of their life for 11 years now. They know no other father than I, although their biological lives 20 miles away. They taught me patience. I never wanted to go too hard on them, in fear of looking like the bad guy. Well that happened away. They'll understand one day.

To me, this is what Understanding is when we say it's the best part. It's that purpose in life and that will to live. Overstand? "I beg your pardon" I never heard of that. Understanding is just that, Overstanding an over statement and word play. I mean what I say, and say what I mean.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Knowledge, just pour

Peace~ and I got a lot on my mind. So, i opened up, user name DivineKingAllah, so should be up soon.

Feb. 1st

Peace ~ this a blog strictly about hitting home. Being God, you analyze everthing for what it truely is and not what it appears to be. And I'm learning no matter how much I'm on that Godly, 5% *ish I'm on, my babies still going through that 85% shit. And that's real talk, 360 proof. You know, people say all the time "learn from my mistakes", but the "proof is in the pudding".

So, daily I look at my babies, and say "DAMN didn't this degree" tell you this or that? "Didn't my mistakes tell you this"? My older 2 (14&15), Show & Prove daily that we walk through our own Wisdom to get to Understanding, and that Love, Hell or Right truely exist. There is an exception to every rule, but currently to this date, that doesn't exist in my house (There is no birth record, It is older than the sun moon and stars, It has no beginning and no ending).

We each write our own Koran; it was made by the original people who is allah, don't be surprised when they reach Mercury. Mercury is closest to the Sun, yet so far away.

You can give Knowledge, Teach through Wisdom but you can NEVER install Understanding. It will test every emotion in your body and have you thinking who are the 85%, 10% and the 5%, but never forget MY WORD IS BOND AND MY BOND IS LIFE AND WILL GIVE MY LIFE BEFORE MY WORD SHALL FAIL!!!!!

Stand tall as a parent for your Understanding, pick your guided soldier up when they fall. They will and can learn to be a Lieuteniant and reach that Captain seat.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Peace ~ What's the science readers? Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Knowledge. Wisdom is the manifestation of one's knowledge. It's the exercise of what you know. Now in the realms of exercise and fitness, the same regimen is only good for so long before your muscles become use to it and its time to change it up or add on. Same with Knowledge. And that's a key point of adding on with others. We add on the best part to what we already know and Born's an Understanding, thus Wisdom and Knowledge still bringing forth an Understanding. So, continue to add on, because if the mind is not feed in due it will become anorexic. It's also important because change is inevitable, whether it be time or people. So, we say the babies are the best part but if your not talking what they want to hear, it's in one ear and out the other. One person who has been doing a great job of this is the 47 year old President Barack Hussien Obama.

Obama is the new wave President, a breath of fresh air if you will. Some might look at him like a JFK, young with idea's of change and hope. Yesterday's Inauguration was monumental, and moving. Now, if you didn't know I'm a historical, political, social and economical, government junkie. It was my passion as a young child, followed me into my college studies, and right into my classroom. I have an instilled passion for searching and teaching truths on all levels. So, when I look back at yesterday, all who can read this today have lived to see a great piece in world history. Now don't get me wrong, I don't feel like he is here to save the Original Man and rid of all our problems. The truth of the matter is, THERE IS NO MYSTERY GOD (10/1-40) and that's based of searching for trillions of years.

As Obama begins to lead the U.S. and the citizens within it's boundaries; into and through some of the most challenging times, that any leader could face, he looks determined and sounds sincere. Make no doubt about it that he is an Original Man, and has in just little time and on just face value, changed many peoples views of their future, their origins, and the United States. He is a poster boy for the Original man of all shades and so called ethnicity's. Now some may call him a HALF-ORIGINAL (3/1-14) based off his heritage (which I see as NOW CIPHER), or perhaps off his "thought process" or views (which I would say give him an opportunity to show & prove). He has made it cool to the masses to be an Original Man. Even the celebrations and balls that went on had flavor. I couldn't image if that dried up muthafuckin McCain would have won. The very man who thought the average American household income was an average of $2.5 Million, LMAO. It wasn't even fair, Obama vs. a damn idiot.

So perhaps this is more of an expression on a view point, rather than a build on degrees. However, the application of 120 or better yet 360 is applied in my thought process. I blog shortly on a build, i was off on vacation for a while.

Divine King Allah