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Monday, December 15, 2008

ABBT to Equality

Peace ~ today's supreme mathematics is Knowledge (1) Power/Refinement (5). Can Knowledge Power/Refinement, be "all being born to Equality". IDK can it? The ABBT question. I say look at the terms your using, all/being/born and to. ALL representing the principals you just used, for this example Knowledge Power/Refinement. BEING is to have life and BORN is to have received that life and brought into existence. TO is equal. So can this be possible? Yes it "may" or no it "may not". That depends upon you. What I'm saying is, simply don't use terminology because you hear it all the time. Without the the True & Living or the Showing and Proving of the mathematics, it's simply terminology. Words on paper, or embedded in your mind. One must live mathematics for it to be ABBT! Without the life force behind it, it's just words.


Divine King Allah

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who is the Original Man? (1/1-10)

Why did we take Jerusalem from the Devil? (5/1-14)

Peace ~ As appears on the Turtle Island Web Site

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Please speak out!

Within weeks, the United Nations General Assembly must make a decision on the long awaited and urgently needed UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Either the international community will move ahead with final adoption as has been urged by Indigenous peoples and their supporters worldwide, or adoption of the Declaration will once again be delayed due to the demands of a small, yet vocal group of states.

Please take this opportunity to support the Declaration.

More than 14,000 individuals and organizations have already signed a global petition hosted by Amnesty International Canada in support of the Declaration.

If you haven't already done so, please add your name and encourage many
others to do so.

So, I ask that each of you take a few seconds to sign the petition and also pass along. First Nations People still endure the struggle for land that rightfully belongs to us. When they broadcast (if they do), the news stories, we're portrayed as a bunch of "wild Indians", protesting and burning shit up or down. What one must understand is that land is a very sacred thing to Natives as well as it should be to all people, but what one may call an extremist is what we may call as our duty. So, it's actually sad to think that in this day and age, that we still have to come up with a written declaration for human rights.

I PLEDGE to support the Original Man: CLICK HERE TO READ AND SIGN
How long ago? (5/1-14) ~ Six Nations Reserve, Canada

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3,680,000,000 and beyond! & Recognition of Great Minds

"The planet formally known as Pluto" or is it "Pluto formally known as a planet" LMAO!

Peace ~ Today's Supreme Mathematics is Understanding (3) and in the Supreme Alphabet is See/Cee (C). We (Gods & Earths) know the definition in general of this terms and can appreciate the correlation the above mentioned share with one another. In our knowledge in the 120 such tools or phrases, "..and has chosen for himself the best part...(3/14)", "...the science of everything in life...(18/1-40)". Those phrases or that knowledge supplied in the 120 is the exercise of Understanding. You can't chose the the best part if you don't see some bad parts, you can't teach the science of everything without exploration of the Unknown (X/Supreme Alphabet). So, the title "3,680,000,000 and beyond!", correlate with the completion of the Knowledge stage of 120, and going above and beyond staying in the box, to learn the "science of everything in life" and actually draw up "the best part for himself". To say that there isn't righteousness, or truth in practices Unknown to you with out actually looking into it, is doing the Wisdom (2) before Knowledge (1), and even worse is making Knowledge (1) Born (9) out of ignorance. Our lessons are a core value system, a foundation (the knowledge). It is a tool, if you will, for examination. What are you going to use your fucking tools on? Nothing? Its self? Now Cipher! Do the knowledge to that. My educator in this foundation (Tekwan Allah), opened my eyes to such. It came with "warnings" to knowledge the 120 and soak it up before exploration. Why? Because "exploration will side track you", "you won't be able to keep the best part for yourself because it will go over your head" without the right tools. Now he was educated, born and raised in our Mecca, Harlem New York, by Nakiim Allah, Born Justice Allah; are who he acredits for supplying him with the knowledge of self. He learned first had from Gods educated by Father Allah and/or the First 9 born, many other, and his lessons on paper, were from First Born Prince via Born Justice and have never been retyped (diluted mixed or tampered with in any form 9/1-14). And to me that says a lot. So, I learned the hard way and such "warnings" became the Justice for my actions. But, that was one Justice (being the reward or penalty) under my belt. But, I guess, is my point take things through the 120, be fluent in as many topics as possible and keep the best part.

One God I'd like to recognize for such, is Saladin Q. Allah. And with the work he puts in making Knowledge Born via any tool possible he's probably recognized by many and needs no introduction. However, the God has came out with 3 works off the jump and many other things free over the inter-net, Blogs/Youtube builds and also Youth Programs. I hold this brother in high regards, and appreciate what he does. I'll be the first to admit, I haven't read the books or placed my order yet, but with all the things he has done, my pockets are anticipating on getting them. Wether for myself or my youth programs or a gift.

A quick story, takes us back to 1997 (people have asked how did I come into knowledge of self). I can't recall what age it first started, but it carried through high school, that I was God. My mother & father will tell you, I said such and my father whoopin my ass for it. This was with no preconceived knowledge of Allah's Nation (5%, NGE), what so ever. High school I was calling all my peoples "God". Why, because of Wu-Tang. Wu-Tang had nothing to do with me at that time "thinking" I was God (that was born years before), but that it was cool/hip to call people or say "Yo God". So, '97 (Born God) I went to a "up'y ass", "white" college. For what? For free, for being a "minority" and playing sports; go figure. In my same class was a star basketball player, a brotha in for the same reason, name C.Davis. We had an introduction in a class and he said "I want to learn the science of everything in life and man/woman/child". And everyone, but myself, laughed. I was like, thats some cold shit! After class I introduced myself by saying "Yo God". He looked at me like, I just said some cold shit. I admired him for what he said, and he in for a strange reason admired what I said, "Yo God". Low and behold, the next door neighbor of Saladin Allah. Now, he wasn't a student of Saladin but with what I said (Yo God), and what he learned or heard from Saladin meshed. So, on that day I was introduced to the Nation of Gods and Earths. Now it would be many years until I met Saladin, but C.Davis told me what the Nation was about from the knowledge he had from Saladin. But is set forth my motion to look for one to enlighten me, and explore and study what I could find. Soon after, I spoke with a close friend and brother Shateik, who was locked down. I explained what I had found out about, and with that he met a God in jail who he would gain knowledge of self from and mailed me the Mathematics & Alphabet. Later that year I would meet a God name Tekwan Allah, who bust my ass for saying "Peace God" and rocking a Jesus piece (shit was fly diamonds and shit lol). The only real tool I had was the Mathematics, Alphabet and my understanding of the relationship of the Native Americans & the Blackman. Didn't go too far with swift God from Harlem, hungry and always on point and lived blocks from the origins of all this. So, he took me in and begin the knowledge of self as we understand it, NGE. So, when Tekwan graduated from College and was heading back to Mecca, he said, "reach a God by the name of Saladin, he's a good brotha". So, just like the lessons he supplied me with, his words were like gold. And it would still be years at a Show & Prove (2000 if I'm correct), building with Kinetic 9 (and many others but this was Berreta 9 from I would meet the God.

So "Hats Off" to those Gods who have paved my way into Understanding or even just planting the seed of Knowledge! Still to this day, I appreciate, respect and build with these Gods.

P.ositive E.ducation A.ways C.orrects E.rrors.
Divine King Allah

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bon Appitete!

This looks like a real close resemblance of the 1st Thanksgiving!

Peace ~ It's the Wisdom, Culture/Freedom day to the month in accordance with the Supreme Mathematics. Wisdom is the tool (sword) or a tool to express and teach the Culture of the originalman that he is God. This in it's own is a Free-dome, a lift of the mystery god off your shoulders. Showing and proving to born Equality that we (God's & Earth's) are here to civilize all.

Thanksgiving. Turkey and dressing, pumpkin pie and football. Parents going to school to see their children in plays about grateful Pilgrims and their Native benefactors. The age old tale of the Indians bringing food to feed the starving Pilgrims.

I hate to be the one to burst the bubble but that story is a lie. One started to cover what really happened all those years ago.

The real story was researched by William B. Newell, former chairman of the University of Connecticut Anthropology Department. His sources included Documents of Holland, 13 volume colonial documentary. History, letters and reports from colonial officials to their superiors and the King of England, and the private papers of Sir William Johnson who was the British Indian Agent for the New York colony for 30 years. Here is what Newell discovered about the "day of thanksgiving".

The year was 1637; 700 men, woman and children of the Peqot Tribe gathered for their annual "Green Corn Dance" in the area that is now known as Groton, Conn.

While they were gathered in this place of meeting, they were surrounded and attacked b mercenaries of the English and Dutch. The Indians were ordered from the building and as they came forth, they were shot down. The rest were burned alive in the building.

The next day, the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared "a day of thanksgiving" thanking god that they had eliminated over 700 men, women and children. For the next 100 years, every "thanksgiving day" ordained by a Governor or President was to honor that victory, thanking god that the battle had been won.

When you are gathered at that table laden with food, family and friends gathered around it, look at the turkey, food and drinks and get a mental picture of what really happened.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Knowledge God

Peace ~ Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge (1) + God (7) all being born to Build/Destroy. I really have a lot of information coming into my cipher nowadays. It is Native American Month, and giving my justice, they have me in and out of workshops. Some are just informational, others have been interviews with Elders, and other have been self drawn up ideas sparked by the workshops. One workshop in particular I took part in late last week, was sitting down and building with some of those Indian Residential School Survivors. This will lead to a Part II of "Kill the Indian, save the Man", and even a possible Part III. So, I've been really busy and really want to share this information with those of you who enjoy reading this.

So, today I want to add on to Thanksgiving. We're getting into a period in the year that many holidays are being celebrated. People seem to go through this metamorphosis and become festive to create this "peace on earth" mentality. Well, where I work at this time of the we get to work on keeping people informed of the truth. Now this is something I do on a regular, but it really inspires my boss to keep us on people around here. I work in a Native School, it's a typical public school with the local Native Program in the school. Anyone can come here, but Native students from across the city can come here so they can be educated in their Native history. We assist with their education, supplies, tutoring, counseling and many other things.

So, around here, we have to stay on top of how Thanksgiving is portrayed. The history they teach, and especially the picture that is painted to children. We don't let teachers hang-up pictures of the false Thanksgiving and if anything is being taught about the so called "Native American", they have to pass it through our office 1st. We get to be known as the bad guys around this time, even thou we mean well. We're looked at as shutting the party down. So, although we hear of the Thanksgiving Massacre, there is also another reason why the so called "Native American" is anti-last Thursday in the month of November. It's not that the so call "Native American" is anti-Thanksgiving, it's because a so called "Native American" who is raised traditionally is taught to give thanks every single day of the year, NOT just one day of the year. It's called the Thanksgiving Address or the Ganohonyoh, which is a ancient message of peace and appreciation of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. These words are still spoken today at ceremonial and governmental gatherings. Just as when the Gods & Earths come together and open up with the Supreme Mathematics for the day. It's used to bring everyone collectively as a whole, or a social for one common cause. It's the methodolgy of awakening everyday and being thankful for everything you interact with and keeps you living in the physical and mental.

What this science has taught me is to be mindful and thankful for many things in my life. Not to be thankful in the sense of the way the 85% do, to a mystery God. But when you are thankful and understand the power of the Originalman and what brings rain, hail, snow and earthquakes you know your relation to the cycle of life.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Enriched Month of Knowledge

Peace ~ Todays Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Culture or Freedom! To Knowledge our Culture is look, listen, and learn the Originalman's way of life. The foundation is I-God, and the Originalman has expressed himself through his daily living this way. The Freedom is to have the fundamentals and live life accordingly, Freedom is not just "free will" to do whatever one wants (not if right & exact), anyone can do that. But true Freedom is to move in and out of ciphers, doing the knowledge and taking out the best part without getting lost in the tricknowledge. The process of 1 and 4 shows & proves the Equality of Black, Brown & Yellow seeds through gaining the history or Koran of each.

This month is Native American History Month, more importantly it's a recognition of the path of the Originalman. I love my Original people and enjoy all their rich information and knowledge they have to share.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Knowledge the Wisdom of my Understanding

Peace ~ Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom, when added together borns Understanding. This is an order of perfection manifested by the Poor Righteous Teachers. When we take something, particularly the process of thought, it's looked upon as the result being the BEST part. In the Supreme Alphabet L is Love/Hell or Right. Love is the highest form Understanding, it doesn't have to come out of emotion but out of development.

I decided to put his post together, and was inspired by one of my best parts, my six year old son Allah Nasir Kweli. That's him posted above, and just to give a little background on him, his whole name manifested means The God, who is the Protector of Truth & Knowledge, he enjoys reading, football, TaeKwonDo, baseball, basketball, drawing, video games and many other things. He is the big brother of the little people, meaning I have a 15 & 14 year. old, and 6, 4 and 2 year old. He's a smart, sharp and loving young God. I'm a very honest person about my children, like my 4 year old Cheyenne D'Asia Earth is sweet and very swift and changeable. She will love you one second and will serve justice on you as she sees it the next, especially at clean up time 14/1-14 she'll laugh.

The reason I chose to write about him today, out of Power Seeds, is because of an event yesterday. The young God basically shined a little light on me about the 2/1-36 "I came to N. America by myself". Now he didn't quote the degree, but it was something that he convinced me to do for the 1st time in over 6 years, and that was to cut his hair. When I look at that degree, I Cee the basic daily struggle. The things we go through in life to progress, and we are the sole controller. 9.9/10 times you see me, unless I'm with my family, I'm the only one who speaks my own language. We're 5% out of 100%. But, it's about standing on your own two feet, being swift & changeable and being able to move in and out of ciphers. Feel me, I loved his locks in his hair; I put them in, and I usually managed them also. But I said "I". I walk in my shoes, I wear a suit when I need, and jeans when I wanna. When I had hair, I wore braids but I might have had to rock a pony tail at times. Then I cut it off, and said "it's hair, only hair". Back to the young God. At the age of 6 (Equality), he has truly began to show me his Equality with me. He has his own personality drawn up from Understanding. He has an opinion about everything. He has a great understanding of justice between right & wrong. So, my Earth said to cut it, and I had him sit in the chair. Then I told him "I can't do it". He broke down. And I'm not one for tears, traumatized I guess from years of getting that "you wanna cry, here's a real reason to cry" ass whoopin I got so many times. Usually he would have got the suck it up, clean your face off deal. But out of Love and Equality I seen how much something so simple as cutting his hair was important to him, God! Was it me holding on to his hair? I mean, he wasn't trying to convince me to let him drop out of high school, it's hair. He walks in and out of his own ciphers day in and day out. I always complimented his hair, because I knew for the past year he wanted it off. But, he wanted to look and feel like most of the other children. He wanted a "sharp" hair cut, he said. He hated when people thought he was a girl. I understood of his knowledge of his cipher. And I did it, with a small tear in my eye. And you would have thought the young God just touched down in Disney World. He couldn't wait to see it, I cut 1 lock he wanted to get up. When it was said and done, he had a new swag and I was happy for him.

The moral of this post is the process of Knowledge/Wisdom/Understanding. In this matter, it was time for me to see he took this issue through the process of such. It was time for me to let go of my Understanding for his. Sure as a responsible parent I won't allow him to do certain things, but there is a said birth record for materials, therefore, there is a time to let go too. There will be many issues the babies take us through, and we need to realize there are many issues and decisions we make that take them through things. We have to allow them to develop things about themselves and explore. My parents let me have a mullet at one time (parents hated it), a tail, a box (mind you I have straight hair), a Vanilla Ice joint, a cut like Charlie Sheen in Major League (triangles in the back), long, short, but not braids (I did that myself at age of 19 until I was 28). I had to ask them later why did you let me do that, my mother replied "it's hair Adam, it can come and go, just like one day you'll come and go".

Divine King Allah

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama & OJ - and the science of Equality

The new President-elect of the United States, Sen. Barak Obama

O.J. Simpson and the Not Guilty Verdict

Peace ~ Today is the Equality day in the Supreme Mathematics, and a glorious one. Everyday I wake up and my family is healthy and I get to share my life with them is great. Always remember everyone is not as fortune as you but treat them as such, and be thankful for which you do have.

There is a new President-elect of the United States of America, Barak Obama! It's a few days after election and it's really settling in and the day of Equality begins, I'm seeing the Equality of the Presidential Election and the OJ Simpson case. Don't get me wrong, some Unoriginals are happy too, but so were the ones who are die hard OJ Simpson fans. Text & internet jokes are flying faster than the rate of 186,000 miles per second (9/Actual Facts). I even seen a joke telling whites "Report to the cotton fields 7 a.m. tomorrow morning for orientation". Ahhh man, I have a sense of humor so I sent it to the Unoriginals I allow to come do trading among me. I don't care if you find it funny or not, I did. There were so many who voted for their candidate based off race, and in this case I see the better man coming out on top. No one President (of anything) is going to be able to please everyone. The rich want to get richer, and the poor are tired of not getting shit. Democracy in it's truest since is ideal, but that is not what the American government is. So, before some 85er comes on here saying 'Your Anti-American"; no I'm Pro-Equality! Pro-Right, Anti-wrong, my citizenship is "6 Nations" (not U.S.), I'm God by birthright and live as such! And I'm a proud. So, what would I like to see?

1) Equal Opportunity Education (Don't give public schools a half ass education and say "it's the best thing for them", while some first class private school teaches different. Breakfast/Lunch FREE! Sports FREE! College Affordable or FREE!)

2) FREE Health Care (so many countries that the US says bad things about, socialist/poor/non-democracy/communist, have it free, US is one of lone countries w/out it)

3) Fair Wages (Your company makes madd money, share it with the people breaking their backs to make it happen)

4) Job Opportunity (Everyone w/out a job doesn't want to be unemployed, Equal health care? We'll need some doctors)

5) Taxes, (why isn't there one flat rate tax? State/County/Government, WTF. and use the damn money what it's for, raises where it's needed, communities and schools)

Easier said than done, but that doesn't make it impossible. And that's just to name a few, but hey, that's what their paid to do. Equality, we teach is a trait of the Original man, anything other is a unalike quality. So, equality is the the Originalman's nature, I don't know anything else. I vote (have in the past 2 elections). Personally, I see it as if we all voted (masses), it would reflect. And voting open for a whole week, so everyone could get the opportunity (don't sell me that BS that jobs are suppose to give you the time, they all don't). And it should be like a football score board. You walk up, and add one for the person your voting for. I have never understood why people kept that as a secret, you embarrassed? Stand behind what you think is right, unless they don't want you to see how filthy they are in all their affairs (6/1-14). Willfully President-elect Obama will be able to pull through for the masses. And whoever at Micro-soft is in-charge of the "Spell Check" please add this brothas name to it, so it can stop underlining it as a misspell! Every other Presidents name is a "Correctly Spelled" word.

P.roper E.ducation A.lways C.orrects E.rrors
Divine King Allah

Monday, November 3, 2008

Peace ~ today's Supreme Mathematics is Understanding (3). Understanding is to see things clearly for what they are, and is also the best part. It holds the numerical value of three because Understanding is the result of drawing things up through Knowledge (1) & Wisdom (2). Being that it is the best part and we preserve the best for ourselves, dismiss nothing and accept nothing on face value. This is why we were taught these tools of Knowledge & Wisdom, walk where we want and not be easily lead in the wrong direction. Everything holds weight! Even BS.

I seen a quote by Robert C. Savage that said "Most people are willing to pay more to be amused than to be educated". So here are some educational events going on in the Buffalo, NY area, that appear to be free. I usually say "If it's free, it's for me, and I'll take three".

Native American Speakers at Buffalo State College
Wednesday November 5th 2008
7:30-8:40 p.m.
Communication Department Class "Minorities and the Media" with Professor Michael Niman (Bulger 2 East). Open to the Public.

Thursday November 6th 2008
4:30-7:15 p.m.
Undergraduate history class "People of the Longhouse" and graduate history class "General Survey of American Indian History Since 1871" with Prof. Lloyd Elm (Ketchum 111). Open to Public.

Native American Community Services
Thursday, November 13th 2008
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Impact of the Residential Boarding Schools in the Native American Community
Featured Guest Speakers Geronimo Henry (Six Nations Territory) & Dr. Lori Quigley (Buffalo State College)
Lunch is provided and you must RSVP Pete Hill (716)874-2797, ext. 309 or email at

So, enjoy. Places that usually hold events like this don't have Microsoft advertising money, so this one's on me.
Divine King Allah

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kill the indian, save the man!

Peace ~ I'd like to say All praises due to Father Allah and those who paved the way for the NGE as we begin our journey into the 45th year. Also, much appreciation to those who read, comment, and make requests for topics. I truely appreciate that. One reason being because I've wrote a lot of interesting papers but I've always had a hard time coming up with a topic. Teachers through highschool & college always thought I had a knack for writing, but when we were allowed to write on our own topic, I drew a blank. So much love & appreciation to those readers.

Todays Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Born. I see todays mathematics being the tools, and the mechanics to bring things into existence & development. One example would be how parents work to develop their children into the different stages of development. So, today I really wanted to make knowledge born one of those ways the devil put "fear in him when he was a little boy". First, why the little boy? Because,children are like sponges, they absorb everything and with the right amount of fear installed, aren't too much hassle. So, Kill the indian, save the man is a post about Residential Boarding Schools.

Residential Boarding Schools (Canada)/Indian Boarding Schools (United States) is a big topic in the Native American community right now (these schools also existed in Australia & New Zealand). Now, although they have different names according to country, they had the same principles "Kill the indian, save the man". These were government backed schools run by churches of various denominations, missionaries...etc. The Aboriginal children were taken from their families to be "civilized". Civilized by their definition was the english language and christianity. It evolved with trial and error. They began with Day Schools, where they went for the day and learned. But, that still kept them in too much contact with their Native ways. So they created schools close to reservations where the children would stay at the school and be able to go home during the summer months and the parents could visit. Still too much contact with the Native world. Last and final process was an off reserve school, that would be 100's of miles away from anything they knew (the 9,000 mile mental journey). In these schools, they were forbidden to speak their native language or any native practices. Punishments were strict and at times ended in death as the penalty. They were taught English, Christianity, cut their hair, put uniforms on them and taught to work for them (this was actually how these under financed places were maintained). There was also widespread physical and sexual abuse, overcrowding, poor sanitation and a lack of medical care and the resulting high rates of tuberculosis, and death rates of almost 70%. Now just a side jewel, it was often said and still is by Aboriginal People, that the effects on the MENTAL/PHYSICAL and ECOLOGICAL choices we make today will still impact those 7 generations from now! In other words this process was created to make him "other than his own self" and "use them as a tool and also a slave". These schools existed in its earliest form since 1600 and existed until 1996. 1996, WTF? Richard Henry Pratt, the founder of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, said in a speech he gave in 1892,
"A great general has said that the only good Indian is a dead one. In a sense, I agree with the sentiment, but only in this: that all the Indian there is in the race should be dead. Kill the Indian in him and save the man"
These Devils were not playing.

A video of the Canadian Parlament Apologizing

Inclosing, pay attention to the Wisdom one is making Born. Ideas and influences manifest reality. This is "why Yacub was successful in all his undertaking" (29/1-40). Yacub's undertakings have been successful time and time again throughout history, and have effected the Originalman throughout the world. They say history repeats its self, Zig Zag Zig. One new thing I want to also do is give props to a children's book once and while (at least once a month). I read many books to my children, in class and at home and find some pretty good ones, so I'd like to share them once and while with you. The first book I'd like to recognize is Shi-shi-etko by Nicola I. Campbell. This is a children's story, and is about a little girls last four days before being shipped off to attend a residential school. This is how I get children to understand our lessons, through story.
PEACE ~ Divine King Allah

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wisdom of God!

Peace, this morning when my alarm went off, I rolled over and glared at the Wisdom of God. My Earth, Queen and Wife, Matimah. Yeah, I said it, "WIFE". Legally, in the books and on paper! My Knowledge or 1st anniversary past on 7/27/08 (during the time I was off line), B.orn U.niversal T.ruth, I thought it may be a good topic to build about. I've seen Gods get contriversal over the topic of marriage, some just curious. So, yeah I got married 7/27/07 and had a real nice celebration. Some God's, Earth's, Original's, Babies and Colored's attended. You can also read the article by Saladin Allah "Divine's Union!", to hear about the event. So, lets get to it. I'm building for those 1. wondering if they should get married, 2. knock 7 & 17's for getting married, 3. curious, 4. my readers.

Let me take it through what defines Wisdom of God in the realms of Divine King Allah.

Wisdom being the manifestation of one's Knowledge. So with Knowledge being Self, it's an expression of you or I. It's scholarly knowledge, wise acts or sayings. It's a general term (wisdom) or title put upon that expression or thing. When you say bullshit, people say or see it as such. But when you come on your A game with you knowledge sharp and you express that, it's Wisdom! Wisdom is an honorable title. I feel blessed when people listen to me build and they say "that's wisdom". Just as I feel blessed when people say you have a good/smart/intelligent woman, or as the NGE would say a Wiz, Queen or Earth (and she is all those titles as defined in the NGE).

OF God, not Wisdom/God ABBT (lol)...etc. I said OF GOD. It is that which is from and belongs to God, and God is ALLAH. His nature or his culture is ISLAM, or in this case "my nature". Nature, being natural. Natural attraction! I was God (had Knowledge of Self) when she met me, and I'll be God when I part from this physical. So to some this up, I didn't choose her and she didn't choose me. There was a natural attraction. I never had to fool her into Understanding God was Born in the form of I (27th/1-36). So, she is the Wisdom of God.

So how did I get her to Knowledge God? I don't know if that's the important part, but it may be for those who are "trying" to transform their woman into a Queen. The jewels I present to you in the following are from experience. I have lived the good and bad parts knowingly and unknowlying. And I've went thought the Loving of Hell to come out Right.

1). Musa had a hard time civilizing the devil because he was a savage (2/1-14). So if you partake in Social Equality (8/1-14) that questions your Godliness, don't wonder why she is or isn't attracted to the correct things. Our true Culture (4), we Build & Destroy (8).

2). You have to understand & take accountablitiy to why things go on in your cipher, really understanding "But what brings Rain, Hail, Snow and Earthquakes? (13/1-40)" And it's not a mystery God, lol. Don't wonder why she searched through your phone to investigate who you been calling; didn't you tell her she has to explore and do the knowledge to things so she can see things for what they really are, and not what they appear to be?

3). Know how the devil was made (30/1-40). Graphing. Taking the weaker parts and feeding that particular weakness or feeding off it. We all have our flaws (weaknesses), don't feed off hers to make your self feel good or pull off stunts on her. You'll sleep easier at night too.

4). Understand your part in MGT & GCC (14/1-14). These training units were given to us by W.D.Fard (male). You can't teach something you don't know. Know how to take care of your Wiz, Children, Home, how to cook, Sew and how to act at home and abroad! Find a work balance for the two of you. That taking care of the home stuff is HARD! I feel like sometimes I goto work to relieve me of being at home. Don't expect her to do all that shit because you took the degree on face value.

5). I have NEVER force fed her to: learn lessons, acknowledge me as God, dress in a particular manor or expect her to be accepting of other females. Agree to disagree, but my cipher is complete and tight. And she still traveled at the terrific speed of 1037 1/3 mph (8/1-40). You can't just tell her "Yo Queen, you gotta respect and acknowledge me as God, the Almighty true and living". Show & Prove through your ways and actions who and what the true and living really are. You can teach a degree without even mentioning any word associated with such, then present the degree (she'll love that one). The clothed in 3/4th? Is dressing appropriate for the occassion without being revealing. Putting a fucking piece of cloth on someone's head never gave them knowledge. I know woman with a perm and makeup with crazy knowledge, that might not make them happy with their natural looks, but she got brains!! It's an overstatement. I love my wife when she has wrapped her hair but I never thought less when she stopped. Just like I don't walk around waving a flag. And I love the nations flag, from the colors to the whole design and the science behind it. But I don't wear it like I'm bout to hit the Buffalo Bills Game (shout outs to the Bills 4-0 so far in the '08). Agree to disagree.

6). Marriage? Well "WE" (not a minister/no Yacub, we wanted to when we were ready (28/1-40) wanted a celebration for people to come and enjoy our relationship with us. And most of the people who wanted to did, and others who I thought for sure would be there, didn't. It's a day of Show & Prove. We accepted all gifts and were grateful, but to be honest with you we really didn't even expect anything. Not even the gifts we did get. Everyone had a blast and it was our day that was our spot light day. We treated ourselves and others to come and enjoy. And if your a person who says "The Father said we shouldn't get married...etc". Build with some of the elders on what was said, and who he said that to. Do me a favor, listen to some of the podcasts of the elders in this nation build, and you will come out with the truth. Don't give me that he say, she say BS and God shouldn't be with one woman. Hey if it takes more than one woman to complete what I've found in one; more power to you. You'll need it.

But I wanted to share with you, that which reflects I. I've heard and seen a lot of horror stories for force feeding a Wiz. So, possibly how you too "can see this day for which I have been waiting for (40/1-40)". If you found this interesting, please share with somebody. Tell others to check me out, if you like my posts. I look for suggestions on topics too. I hope to get a video page going soon and drop a little more knowledge on the 2,000,000 Indians. Peace ~ Divine King Allah

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"X is Unknown and the Whiteman...blah blah blah)"

Peace~I am back once again. I know, I wasn't around last time long enough to gain many readers. But I do appreciate those who will begin to check back again. So as you may know I'm a Native Culture Teacher and it was summer time and I haven't made a post since around the last day of school. So I must have been living it up enjoying the 3 reasons people become teachers, June/July/August. Wrong! Actually I picked up another job to help run a Summer Program called STAR. This gave the youth an opportunity to wake up early, get a complete breakfast, eduation & tutoring in Math/English/Craft, plenty of free time & activities and lunch. It was available to children entering Pre-K through those entering 9th grade. It was at no cost to the parents, free daycare. Then I came home and built with my Wife and 5 Children, updating my home and then off to Coach Football, then the end of the night family stuff and then hit the gym from the Born hour to the King/Kingdom hour. So, I'm back to my regular now job, and I picked up 3 more postions. One is on Friday nights as a Youth Developement Assistant (youth prevention, gang violence, pregnancy, financing, culture) and the other is part of a commitee so assure the schools are supplying the children with nutrious meals, and an after school tutor. My day was and still is a true 360. The babies are the greatest, so I give all I can while I can.

Before I build on what I wanna touch on, I just wanna say the Gods have been building on-line! I got on Original Thought and was playing Build after Build and interview after interview (right in my classroom). The interview w/Allah Jihad was superb, Abu Shahid interview was filled w/jewels, and the A.S.I.A. site was putting it out there too. I was setting up my classroom listening, reading builds from Saladin Allah and listening to interviews on lunch while eating. People who inspire me to keep striving. Peace to the NGE who make it happen.

In Allah's Supreme Alphabet today's date (24th) relates to the letter X which is Unknown. And it brought me back to Gods I have met and built with that just don't get it. By me saying "just don't get it", I mean they have no clue why they deal with the NGE (it's Unknown to them), and some of them have the fliest SHYT to say. Their able to use the Supreme Alphabet like I'm in fucking Vietnam trying to decode morse. I've heard them use the Alphabet/Mathematics to flip weight, and can't tell me how they see today's mathematics or why their still stagnated at 6. But don't get me worng. You can't measure a man by his money, cars, clothes, title (In the name of)...etc. However, we are judged by our Wisdom ~ our ways, actions and what we say. Wisdom, when I build with some people who don't understand that, I say that's how I promote or advertise myself. Now in the business of advertisment, some is good, and some is bad. Like car sales, they say you can own this new car, $0 down, $159.00. And your like, "Shyt I can afford that!". When you get there your credit or credentials don't meet theirs to get that deal. Yours is now $3000.00 down and $250 a month. This is what you will get in the realms of a Free Cipher. Some right & exact, good, aight, wrong, and twisted. So, that's why we Show n Prove, Gods & Earths! So, when presented with how I see 4 as Culture/Freedom or 5 as Power/Refinement, and I say Show n Prove to me 2 is Wisdom, and they get to stating the same definition we all got when we came in to this, and then I say, well your ways and actions reflect different from what you say you teach. I've even ran into some who use "L" ~ Love, Hell or Right as an excape. They say, "I'm going through this because I gotta Love, Hell to come out Right". I say "True Indeed Almighty, so this is the 1st time you've gone through this, right?". You already know where I'm going if your striving to be right and exact. I've never put someone on blast, I've always let them put themselves.

Inconclusion, Yes my word is bond and bond is life, and I will give my life before my word shall fail (ans. 11/1-14). I've failed on my word before, and I would expect that person to serve justice as they see it, but know I probably damn near broke my neck to try and make it happen. But know I would never take advantage of such to justify my actions. Be honest and sincere in your ways. Live based off experience, make mistakes once and love the lesson of hell so you come out right. This was a short build, next time there won't be so much catching up to do and I can get right to the build. I am Divine King Allah, and Peace!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Breakin Bread (Equality) with Pluto 3,680,000,000 miles away

Peace ~ Today I'm taking it back to the foundation and root of it all! Knowledge. The number 1, the alpha, numeral uno. Why? Because I'm about the babies. Literally. I got Power (5) seeds, I coach, and most importantly I get paid to do it....and "if a civilized person does not perform his duty what must be done?" (19/1-40) Ans. My azz will be unemployed. And that's how I apply it to me. So, I get paid to do what is my damn job as a civilized person and being of that said ability. But "why stress it today God, it's the Equality (6th) day". You know why, because everyday has a foundation, my foundation is Knowledge of Self (my degrees/120). Knowledge, sometimes we get so caught up in the ill ass crossover we forget about the fundamentals; the dribble, the pass, to tie our shoes.

Knowledge is the foundation of everything in existence, to look, listen, observe and respect. To look, listen, observe and respect is to do the knowledge; to analyze, break down, refine it, build it back up and utilize. And the babies are doing that on a regular. And I see it everyday. A large amount of their foundations is built off, no sleep, alcohalism, abuse, drugs, filthiness, just not living a respectable life and straight up fed the wrong food. I came into KOS in Born God ('97) and it was a beautiful thing. But by '99 my foundation was Hustler/Baller. It wasn't God, the 7, the Sun or none of that. It was Hustler/Baller. The Knowledge Degree in the 1-10 doesn't state WHO IS THE ORIGINALMAN? THE ORIGINAL MAN IS THE ASIATIC "Blockman", the maker of drugs, owner of flyest car and I won't be free long enough to enjoy it, and getting cream all over the planet earth, Father of uncivilization and God of the hood. I was popping bottles and giving toys to children around the hood at Christmas time. And my seeds was sitting back, like damn my daddy is getting it and I wanna be just like him, and so were others. On May 18, 2004 I got hit with reality...or did I? That night I was robbed, shot, pistil whipped up. And the next day all I wanted to do was kill someone and was wondering where's my record deal now. By this time the only thing I was making was Devil and Devils. I almost missed my daughter being born and all that.

So now what? I enjoy just listing to rappers ballin out, and just "remind me of my fast life ventures". Now I teach on the poor part of the planet earth. Civilizing, teaching Knowledge and Wisdom to the human families of the planet, and wouldn't think about being other then my ownself. Some of the same people I supplied, yep, now I work with their kids and they don't know how to act for the life of them. Oh it's the Equality day of the month all right, I just realized you get back what you gave out, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And if the shyt from '99 is just now sharing its Equality, what else is to come? Too many days of Destroying the wrong thing, I guess. I'm not going to tell you in general how to act at home and abroad, just to do the Knowledge to my story.

Your lessons are like a blueprint, a code of ethics, if you will. Peace and all praises due to those doing Allah's duty. Also, don't forget to do the Knowledge to Saladin Quanaah' Allah's Journal and download your FREE COPY of "DA GOD" by EMBLEM.

Friday, May 30, 2008

...Plus 2 million Indians...

Peace ~ This is the introduction article to Allah In Bethlehem, I will give you a little information on my more recent Ancestors, to give you an idea of where I'm coming from. I say "more recent" because my history is older than the Sun, Moon, Stars and has no beginning and no ending. And some without Knowledge of Self (some with too), find it Unknown to why I teach the Original Blackman is God and where I-God Born into this; higher level of Understanding, I suppose. The title of the article makes reference to the Understanding (3rd) Degree in the Student Enrollment because that degree makes Knowledge Born to my more recent Ancestors and helped Born me to explore my further family story and Understand my Godhood.

So by census terms, I'm "Indian/Native American", and I've had Knowledge of Self for Knowledge Knowledge (11) Years. People have also made reference to me as the "Indian God", and that makes me laugh because I picture a Reddish/Brown male, with long straight black hair, rocking some war paint and Jesus Christ Robe with a Tomahawk, but I Understand. But I must make reference to one who has always kept it mathematically correct my God Brother, Saladin Quanaah' Allah, who would simply say "he's part of the 2 million".

So who are the 2 million Indians? 1st and foremost we "...are original people". We are the ancestors of the Originalman who traveled here long before; as the degree states "16,000 years ago". And that's and argurable number because there are other records that indicate 45,000 years ago and even earlier (that's neither here nor there). The main point is the Originalman, who is God, was seen and heard all over the planet Earth before HIS-story can mark. They were the Aztec, Mayans, Incans, Cherokee and Iroquois; just to name a few. They had developed every kind of society: nomadic, hunting groups, settled farming communities, and dazzling civilizations with cities as large as any then on earth. So, 3rd degree in the 1-10 terminology was made appropriate for 1934, and Layman's terms of today. When one does the Knowledge, you have the term "Indians", so he was speaking their uncivilized language because 4th degree 1-36. With the application of Knowledge, shown and proved through Wisdom, the term "Indians" turns to Natives of the America's, which now incorporates the Original Peoples of North/Central/South America and the Caribbean Islands. Which then we gain the Understanding of the Originalman's travels from the Eastern Part of the World and his origins in Asia. ALLAH has expressed himself in many shades and through many cultures; some misunderstood, commercialized, exploited and some just straight up fucked over. But, I'm not here to shine light more on the Aboriginal people of the Americas, anymore than I am any of the other Original People of the world, because in actuality we are all one and he (devil) wants " try to divide us. He wants us to think that we are all different", but just to Cee the world through this God's (I~Divine King Allah) eyes.

Well my immediate families "Written-Story" is known as the Iroquois or in Native tongue Haudenasaunee (People of the long-house). Which is made of (now) 6 tribes known as Six Nations, to which I am Cayuga/Gayogoho-no (People of the Swamp). They, like many others, have their own myths, legends, prophets, way of life, religion/practices, creation stories. There are so many things I can speak on, that the posting could go on and on. So, I will save them for separate postings, so one can pick and choose, what is and not relevant to them. But, when money is right and I can travel the 9,000 miles you can catch me in Mecca, or at the parks on a daily basis in Bethlehem/Buffalo NY (coaching, building w/the babies...etc), the inner city, or through e(quality) mail. And please don't confuse my Knowledge with my Culture, for my Culture and daily living is I-God.

In closing, if you were wondering, the picture above is a before and after picture of a Native who was taken from his reserve and placed in a boarding school and made other than his ownself. Which, I have even heard stories of such that happened up and until the late 1960's. Willfully you enjoyed my first but not last post. Any one looking for me to post, how I see something, or just care to build, I encourage you to contact me at my email. I will constantly be looking for ideas. With that I say, P.ositive E.ducation A.lways C.orrects E.rrors