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Monday, November 17, 2008

Knowledge God

Peace ~ Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge (1) + God (7) all being born to Build/Destroy. I really have a lot of information coming into my cipher nowadays. It is Native American Month, and giving my justice, they have me in and out of workshops. Some are just informational, others have been interviews with Elders, and other have been self drawn up ideas sparked by the workshops. One workshop in particular I took part in late last week, was sitting down and building with some of those Indian Residential School Survivors. This will lead to a Part II of "Kill the Indian, save the Man", and even a possible Part III. So, I've been really busy and really want to share this information with those of you who enjoy reading this.

So, today I want to add on to Thanksgiving. We're getting into a period in the year that many holidays are being celebrated. People seem to go through this metamorphosis and become festive to create this "peace on earth" mentality. Well, where I work at this time of the we get to work on keeping people informed of the truth. Now this is something I do on a regular, but it really inspires my boss to keep us on people around here. I work in a Native School, it's a typical public school with the local Native Program in the school. Anyone can come here, but Native students from across the city can come here so they can be educated in their Native history. We assist with their education, supplies, tutoring, counseling and many other things.

So, around here, we have to stay on top of how Thanksgiving is portrayed. The history they teach, and especially the picture that is painted to children. We don't let teachers hang-up pictures of the false Thanksgiving and if anything is being taught about the so called "Native American", they have to pass it through our office 1st. We get to be known as the bad guys around this time, even thou we mean well. We're looked at as shutting the party down. So, although we hear of the Thanksgiving Massacre, there is also another reason why the so called "Native American" is anti-last Thursday in the month of November. It's not that the so call "Native American" is anti-Thanksgiving, it's because a so called "Native American" who is raised traditionally is taught to give thanks every single day of the year, NOT just one day of the year. It's called the Thanksgiving Address or the Ganohonyoh, which is a ancient message of peace and appreciation of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. These words are still spoken today at ceremonial and governmental gatherings. Just as when the Gods & Earths come together and open up with the Supreme Mathematics for the day. It's used to bring everyone collectively as a whole, or a social for one common cause. It's the methodolgy of awakening everyday and being thankful for everything you interact with and keeps you living in the physical and mental.

What this science has taught me is to be mindful and thankful for many things in my life. Not to be thankful in the sense of the way the 85% do, to a mystery God. But when you are thankful and understand the power of the Originalman and what brings rain, hail, snow and earthquakes you know your relation to the cycle of life.

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