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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peace! I decided to share Mystery Schools & Authors that intrigued and inspired me to read and study abroad. My culture is I-God, which is backed by the study of the 8 Points of the Universal Flag of ISLAM. The 8 points are a beautiful and eye opening foundation to a new life. Anyone who has truly studied the Supreme Mathematics alone should be able to contest to such. The Knowledge of Self has become my key to the Universe; literally and figuratively. The Mystery Schools, Authors and Books to follow are tools that have helped me to draw up understanding, based on facts and respect. "Can a devil fool a Muslim? Not nowadays", so he damn sure can't fool God. Allah is Allah of all worlds. These have just become simply topics of interest. By NO means are these MUST studies of the Nation of Gods & Earths, and highly recommend your 8 points first.

Mystery Schools and Mystery Centers
1) Druids 2) Hibernia 3) Eleusinian 4) Samothracian 5) Nerthus (Ertha) 6)Orphic 7) Rosicrucian 8) Ephesian 9) Inkan 10) Mayan 11) Suffism 12) Essene 13) Hermetic 14) Kamitian 15) Kahuna 16) Toltec 17)Qaballa 18) Gnostic 19) Fourth Way 20) Theosophic 21) Anthroposophic 22) Golden Dawn 23) Freemasonry 24) Moors Science

Toltecs/Don Juan Lineage
1) Carlos Castenada: Journey to Ixlan, The Fire Within, The Power of Silence, The Eagles Gift
2) Ken Eagle Feather: A Toltec Path, Toltec Dreaming
3) Victor Sanchez: The Teachings of Don Carlos, Toltecs of the New Millennium

Incas of South and Central America
1) Alberto Villodo: Secrets of the Incas, Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval, Island of the Sun, Shaman Sage Healer, Dancing with Winds
2) Carol Comes: Pachamanas Children

Kahunas (Hawaii)
1) Pila of Hawaii: The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii
2) Hank Wasselman: Spiritwalker, Medicine Maker
3) Sondra Ray: Pele's Wish

1) John Major Jenkins: Pyramid of Fire

The New Physics
1) Michael Talbot: The Holographic Universe
2) Fred Wolf: The Eagle's Quest, The Yoga of Time Travel
3) F.David Peat: Blackfoot Physics

1) Ra Un Nefer Amen: Metu Neter
2) The Egyptian Book of the Dead
3) John Van Auken: Ancient Egyptians Mysteries
4) Rudolf Steiner: Ancient Myths and Mysteries, Ancient Myths and the New Isis Mystery
5) Isbel: The Secret Teachings of the Temple of Isis
6) Three Initiates: The Kybalion
7) Nicki Scully: Alchemical Healing

The Ancient World
1) Rudolph Steiner: Atlantis, Cosmic Memories
2) Colin Wilson: Atlantis and the Neanderthals, From Atlantis to the Sphinx
3) Robert Siblerud: In the Beginning
4) Laurence Garder: Lost secrets of the Sacred Ark

1) Manly P.Hall: Secret Teachings of All Ages
2)Masuru Emoto: The Hidden Message of Water, The True Power of Water, The Secret Lif of Water
3) Lewis Hopfe: Religions of the World
4) Robert Siblerud: Keeps of the Secrets/Unveiling the Mystical Societies, Science of the Souls

These are just to name very few. Should you ever want a list on any of the following topics please email me KING14213@YAHOO.COM More on General Topics, Ancient World, The Nature Path, Biological Approach, Revelation, Spiritual Hierarchies, Shamans, Greece, Africa, Druids, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Other Buddhist Schools, Theosophy, Essenes, Rosicrucians, Christianity, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Other Christian Views, Gnostics, The Qaballa, Islam, Sufism, The Forth Way, The Golden Dawn (England), Kahunas, Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, New Physics...etc. Even political books, Conspirecy Theory, History and Government books.

There are many more topics that have manifested through time that aren't named in this piece. I've just taken the liberty to give some topics of my interest to read upon. I know that at age the age of 12 when my Ol'God placed The Morning of the Magicians in my hand, it just illustrated a new outlook on reading and life. The works wasn't the word of life, it was just unlike anything I've read before.

Peace, Supremely Yours
Divine K.M. Allah

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Foundation and Character

Peace, feels good to be back on the scene. Willfully remain steadfast to writing. My computer went down, and the economic side of me said "I grew up without a computer, I can do without". I have definitely learned how to divest myself of many superfluities of life. However, the time was well spent; reading, studying, writing...etc. Basically, "steady building and manifesting" (this is my new slogan by the way). These are qualities that I don't see too many people carrying out; and I'm not just talking about Gods and Earths. I'm talking about society, but one who is a person of that said ability should definitely reflect such traits or qualities. Their core values of what possibly MAY be the 1st thing you learned upon gaining Knowledge of Self; Allah's Supreme Mathematics.

Although, Supreme Mathematics was not the very 1st thing I studied upon these rites; it wasn't very far behind the fast, "What do we teach" and the 14th-16th/1-40. Yeah, I had to clean myself up, know exactly what I was getting myself into and show myself being worthy. Some say "Worthy?". Yes, worthy! Show and Prove to the God, I wasn't there to waste his time or mine.

The Supreme Mathematics are basic principles underlying all of creation. Principles being defined as 1. rule of conduct or action 2. fundamental truth or cause. Everything in Allah's world is manifest through the process of 1-9 or Knowledge to Born, to be complete or 0/Cipher.

I'm simply mentioning these primary & fundamental, yet very important characteristics because many forget time and time again. Not so much verbatim Knowledge, Wisdom...etc, or 1-9 but the core definitions or traits of each. Each principle carries a trait, when and only when you live and carry out such traits and characteristics are you living Allah's Supreme Mathematics.

Point is, there are many who can carry themselves well by living out Allah's Supreme Mathematics and carry an attracting power. I'm talking about the positive attraction of an individual, where just their presence speaks volumes and I'm not just talking about when among the Gods and Earths. What kind of power do you carry Positive or Negative? If your only welcome is among the peanut shows and proves your limit of attraction.

Divine King Allah

Wednesday, March 31, 2010



The hustles of life have side tracked me from having time to write. However, I will return shortly.

Divine King Allah

Friday, January 8, 2010

Reality Check

This is one of those blogs I guess you'll be able to call "out there on the ledge". As time progresses, and knowledge expands or increases among the "True & Living", Gods are becoming "Radicalized". Truth is, time changes and change come with time. Even the Father (Father Allah/Clarence 13X/Clarence Smith) would have admitted to change, perhaps a Revolution. Truth be told, {if/when/or} you {came/come} into the KOS (Knowledge of Self) you come to a change "in" self; an internalized Revolution. However, it's the externalized revolution that at times has caused issues within the NGE, or between Members. We're dealing with a Free-Cipher. I can say at times for all; emotions, stupidity and foolishness have superseded basic self morals & knowledge of even the best of us. However, that is not an excuse to cover-up our wrongs by saying their rights. Or by saying "do as I say, not as i do".

What makes the so-called Righteous, righteous? It's a question and a serious one that I think only the Righteous can answer. Don't get me wrong, "do as I say, not as I do" is great for those who can "preserve the best part". But, for the 85% of the people who can't, what do we do? To quote Bill Cosby "A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid one's that need advice". 18/1-40 "The duty of a civilized person is to teach he who is savage". The best teachers, enlighteners, parents, uncles, aunts...etc; lead by example and talk with their actions.

"Peace God, The Sun don't chill Allah"

Divine King Allah

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Tao of Wu, a book review.

I must admit, I was quite surprised by the latest works from the RZA; The Tao of Wu. This is the second book from the world famous actor, producer, martial artist, God, rapper and many more titles. I mean, no frontin, you must admit the RZA has dropped some of the deepest and jewel filled lyrics you've heard; well at least that I've heard. This book gives you an inside look at how life and his studies reflect in his works. The way he ties everything together to his "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" is remarkable.

This book does not over indulge in his music career, but more of an insight to martial arts, chess, music, Taoism, Buddhism, and the Knowledge of Self. The best part of this book is that he ties all of them in to one, the application of the Knowledge of Self. That's truly what the Knowledge of One's self is, the application of it to everything you deal with. He even created his own spiritual code called The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. But, it doesn't stop there. It's definitely a book I suggest you pick it up for yourself.

Grab a copy. The book held my attention for 3 days as I read through the 208 page book. I found his words to be fruitful and filled with genuine words. There was a mis-quote to the 5/1-40 along the earlier part of the book. I mean, I don't see anyone using the RZA's works for a geography paper and can probably be easily overlooked and by 85% of people or more. The book may not go down in His-story as a classic, but shows to me to be possibly inspirational to Teenagers and adults alike.

The beautiful part to understanding is that it's yours or mine. It may or may not show & prove to be right and exact in each others ciphers, because the puzzle pieces from your X-men puzzle don't go to my Batman puzzle. But may prove to be inspirational.

So, I'm on to read Tales of an Urban Sufi, by Saladin Q. Allah (Happy Born Day). Not only is he an author, but a mentor, music artist, producer and one I consider a friend. Doesn't look to be your typical front to back cover kind of book. A collections of thoughts, quotes and stories/essays from the God. Soon to find out, I guess.

Divine King Allah

(This is my 1st blog from my Blackberry since my computer crashed. And this actually has me feeling like I have a case of ADHD, so the above didn't quite get as much work into it as I planned, lol)