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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peace! I decided to share Mystery Schools & Authors that intrigued and inspired me to read and study abroad. My culture is I-God, which is backed by the study of the 8 Points of the Universal Flag of ISLAM. The 8 points are a beautiful and eye opening foundation to a new life. Anyone who has truly studied the Supreme Mathematics alone should be able to contest to such. The Knowledge of Self has become my key to the Universe; literally and figuratively. The Mystery Schools, Authors and Books to follow are tools that have helped me to draw up understanding, based on facts and respect. "Can a devil fool a Muslim? Not nowadays", so he damn sure can't fool God. Allah is Allah of all worlds. These have just become simply topics of interest. By NO means are these MUST studies of the Nation of Gods & Earths, and highly recommend your 8 points first.

Mystery Schools and Mystery Centers
1) Druids 2) Hibernia 3) Eleusinian 4) Samothracian 5) Nerthus (Ertha) 6)Orphic 7) Rosicrucian 8) Ephesian 9) Inkan 10) Mayan 11) Suffism 12) Essene 13) Hermetic 14) Kamitian 15) Kahuna 16) Toltec 17)Qaballa 18) Gnostic 19) Fourth Way 20) Theosophic 21) Anthroposophic 22) Golden Dawn 23) Freemasonry 24) Moors Science

Toltecs/Don Juan Lineage
1) Carlos Castenada: Journey to Ixlan, The Fire Within, The Power of Silence, The Eagles Gift
2) Ken Eagle Feather: A Toltec Path, Toltec Dreaming
3) Victor Sanchez: The Teachings of Don Carlos, Toltecs of the New Millennium

Incas of South and Central America
1) Alberto Villodo: Secrets of the Incas, Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval, Island of the Sun, Shaman Sage Healer, Dancing with Winds
2) Carol Comes: Pachamanas Children

Kahunas (Hawaii)
1) Pila of Hawaii: The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii
2) Hank Wasselman: Spiritwalker, Medicine Maker
3) Sondra Ray: Pele's Wish

1) John Major Jenkins: Pyramid of Fire

The New Physics
1) Michael Talbot: The Holographic Universe
2) Fred Wolf: The Eagle's Quest, The Yoga of Time Travel
3) F.David Peat: Blackfoot Physics

1) Ra Un Nefer Amen: Metu Neter
2) The Egyptian Book of the Dead
3) John Van Auken: Ancient Egyptians Mysteries
4) Rudolf Steiner: Ancient Myths and Mysteries, Ancient Myths and the New Isis Mystery
5) Isbel: The Secret Teachings of the Temple of Isis
6) Three Initiates: The Kybalion
7) Nicki Scully: Alchemical Healing

The Ancient World
1) Rudolph Steiner: Atlantis, Cosmic Memories
2) Colin Wilson: Atlantis and the Neanderthals, From Atlantis to the Sphinx
3) Robert Siblerud: In the Beginning
4) Laurence Garder: Lost secrets of the Sacred Ark

1) Manly P.Hall: Secret Teachings of All Ages
2)Masuru Emoto: The Hidden Message of Water, The True Power of Water, The Secret Lif of Water
3) Lewis Hopfe: Religions of the World
4) Robert Siblerud: Keeps of the Secrets/Unveiling the Mystical Societies, Science of the Souls

These are just to name very few. Should you ever want a list on any of the following topics please email me KING14213@YAHOO.COM More on General Topics, Ancient World, The Nature Path, Biological Approach, Revelation, Spiritual Hierarchies, Shamans, Greece, Africa, Druids, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Other Buddhist Schools, Theosophy, Essenes, Rosicrucians, Christianity, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Other Christian Views, Gnostics, The Qaballa, Islam, Sufism, The Forth Way, The Golden Dawn (England), Kahunas, Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, New Physics...etc. Even political books, Conspirecy Theory, History and Government books.

There are many more topics that have manifested through time that aren't named in this piece. I've just taken the liberty to give some topics of my interest to read upon. I know that at age the age of 12 when my Ol'God placed The Morning of the Magicians in my hand, it just illustrated a new outlook on reading and life. The works wasn't the word of life, it was just unlike anything I've read before.

Peace, Supremely Yours
Divine K.M. Allah


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