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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Tao of Wu, a book review.

I must admit, I was quite surprised by the latest works from the RZA; The Tao of Wu. This is the second book from the world famous actor, producer, martial artist, God, rapper and many more titles. I mean, no frontin, you must admit the RZA has dropped some of the deepest and jewel filled lyrics you've heard; well at least that I've heard. This book gives you an inside look at how life and his studies reflect in his works. The way he ties everything together to his "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" is remarkable.

This book does not over indulge in his music career, but more of an insight to martial arts, chess, music, Taoism, Buddhism, and the Knowledge of Self. The best part of this book is that he ties all of them in to one, the application of the Knowledge of Self. That's truly what the Knowledge of One's self is, the application of it to everything you deal with. He even created his own spiritual code called The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. But, it doesn't stop there. It's definitely a book I suggest you pick it up for yourself.

Grab a copy. The book held my attention for 3 days as I read through the 208 page book. I found his words to be fruitful and filled with genuine words. There was a mis-quote to the 5/1-40 along the earlier part of the book. I mean, I don't see anyone using the RZA's works for a geography paper and can probably be easily overlooked and by 85% of people or more. The book may not go down in His-story as a classic, but shows to me to be possibly inspirational to Teenagers and adults alike.

The beautiful part to understanding is that it's yours or mine. It may or may not show & prove to be right and exact in each others ciphers, because the puzzle pieces from your X-men puzzle don't go to my Batman puzzle. But may prove to be inspirational.

So, I'm on to read Tales of an Urban Sufi, by Saladin Q. Allah (Happy Born Day). Not only is he an author, but a mentor, music artist, producer and one I consider a friend. Doesn't look to be your typical front to back cover kind of book. A collections of thoughts, quotes and stories/essays from the God. Soon to find out, I guess.

Divine King Allah

(This is my 1st blog from my Blackberry since my computer crashed. And this actually has me feeling like I have a case of ADHD, so the above didn't quite get as much work into it as I planned, lol)

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