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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Season of Knowledge of Self

Peace, how have my few but much appreciated readers been? The hustles and changes of life have just prevented me from blogging.

What is the Season of "Knowledge of Self"? Well, it seems to be this time in my life after 12 years that there has been this flow of people in search of a better life, through this culture. Not only new heads, but brotha's I've dealt with who have disappeared off the know-ledge. It's quite a beautiful thing.

So, what has attributed to this season? It's the blogger's, U-N-I, and those using the methods to reach the masses. God's like Emblem, Saladin, Sha-King, Divine 39A, CB'S, Khalik, Lord Born Justice and those are just to name a few that I enjoy. These Gods have produced books, blogs and Youtube videos.

I had a young God from Buffalo, NY who contacted me after reading The 5%ers: Islam, Hip-hip and the Gods of New York, by Micheal Muhammad Knight. The funny thing about that book, is that there's actually apart of that book that took place at my house. That night the God's from Buffalo sat with Azreal & Knight at my rest building before continuing their travels on to Milwaukee the Cream City. Azreal (the first "white" 5%er) and Knight (author)stayed late into the evening. Azreal basically spoke of the past; mainly his encounters and time spent with Father Allah. Knight, took notes on the builds for what would later become his works on the Nation of Gods & Earths, formally known as the 5% Nation. It was an interesting evening for what it was worth. So, this young God found an interest based off what Knight expressed in his book. Now, I've seen many arguments on Knight's book especially around the time it came out. Someone even leaked to me via e-mail. But, that's not what blog is about.

We as nation have been taking hold of free ways or "freeways" to reach the masses. However, a word of CAUTION to those newbies to the nation or those seeking assistance in obtaining Knowledge of Self. Take nothing on face value, especially when dealing with the "Inter-net Knowledge" & "Inter-net Gods & Earths". That goes for my blog too. I always tell those in search of K.O.S., "no matter how much you pay for a book, you can never pay for an understanding". Do the Knowledge.

Divine King Allah

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God Ruler of Wisdom said...

peace. my name is George Wilson(GOD WISDOM) i live here in buffalo and have been following the teachings and lessons of the nation of gods and earths for sometime now im in search of knowledge of self, already studied supreme mathmatics and the supreme alphabet and even started observing and studying the 120s and degrees...b.u.t honestly god i feel stuck i need true enlightment so i can open my third eye and find my supreme knowledge...i need there anywhere i can go to get that enlightment? are there any parliaments coming in the near future that i can attend ?..... please contact me when available 716-828-5965