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Friday, November 14, 2008

Enriched Month of Knowledge

Peace ~ Todays Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Culture or Freedom! To Knowledge our Culture is look, listen, and learn the Originalman's way of life. The foundation is I-God, and the Originalman has expressed himself through his daily living this way. The Freedom is to have the fundamentals and live life accordingly, Freedom is not just "free will" to do whatever one wants (not if right & exact), anyone can do that. But true Freedom is to move in and out of ciphers, doing the knowledge and taking out the best part without getting lost in the tricknowledge. The process of 1 and 4 shows & proves the Equality of Black, Brown & Yellow seeds through gaining the history or Koran of each.

This month is Native American History Month, more importantly it's a recognition of the path of the Originalman. I love my Original people and enjoy all their rich information and knowledge they have to share.

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