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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama & OJ - and the science of Equality

The new President-elect of the United States, Sen. Barak Obama

O.J. Simpson and the Not Guilty Verdict

Peace ~ Today is the Equality day in the Supreme Mathematics, and a glorious one. Everyday I wake up and my family is healthy and I get to share my life with them is great. Always remember everyone is not as fortune as you but treat them as such, and be thankful for which you do have.

There is a new President-elect of the United States of America, Barak Obama! It's a few days after election and it's really settling in and the day of Equality begins, I'm seeing the Equality of the Presidential Election and the OJ Simpson case. Don't get me wrong, some Unoriginals are happy too, but so were the ones who are die hard OJ Simpson fans. Text & internet jokes are flying faster than the rate of 186,000 miles per second (9/Actual Facts). I even seen a joke telling whites "Report to the cotton fields 7 a.m. tomorrow morning for orientation". Ahhh man, I have a sense of humor so I sent it to the Unoriginals I allow to come do trading among me. I don't care if you find it funny or not, I did. There were so many who voted for their candidate based off race, and in this case I see the better man coming out on top. No one President (of anything) is going to be able to please everyone. The rich want to get richer, and the poor are tired of not getting shit. Democracy in it's truest since is ideal, but that is not what the American government is. So, before some 85er comes on here saying 'Your Anti-American"; no I'm Pro-Equality! Pro-Right, Anti-wrong, my citizenship is "6 Nations" (not U.S.), I'm God by birthright and live as such! And I'm a proud. So, what would I like to see?

1) Equal Opportunity Education (Don't give public schools a half ass education and say "it's the best thing for them", while some first class private school teaches different. Breakfast/Lunch FREE! Sports FREE! College Affordable or FREE!)

2) FREE Health Care (so many countries that the US says bad things about, socialist/poor/non-democracy/communist, have it free, US is one of lone countries w/out it)

3) Fair Wages (Your company makes madd money, share it with the people breaking their backs to make it happen)

4) Job Opportunity (Everyone w/out a job doesn't want to be unemployed, Equal health care? We'll need some doctors)

5) Taxes, (why isn't there one flat rate tax? State/County/Government, WTF. and use the damn money what it's for, raises where it's needed, communities and schools)

Easier said than done, but that doesn't make it impossible. And that's just to name a few, but hey, that's what their paid to do. Equality, we teach is a trait of the Original man, anything other is a unalike quality. So, equality is the the Originalman's nature, I don't know anything else. I vote (have in the past 2 elections). Personally, I see it as if we all voted (masses), it would reflect. And voting open for a whole week, so everyone could get the opportunity (don't sell me that BS that jobs are suppose to give you the time, they all don't). And it should be like a football score board. You walk up, and add one for the person your voting for. I have never understood why people kept that as a secret, you embarrassed? Stand behind what you think is right, unless they don't want you to see how filthy they are in all their affairs (6/1-14). Willfully President-elect Obama will be able to pull through for the masses. And whoever at Micro-soft is in-charge of the "Spell Check" please add this brothas name to it, so it can stop underlining it as a misspell! Every other Presidents name is a "Correctly Spelled" word.

P.roper E.ducation A.lways C.orrects E.rrors
Divine King Allah


Sha-King Cehum said...

Peace to the God!
I got your email. I've been zig zag ziggin' g. I'll respond by week's end. I built all is well within your circumference.

Sha-King Cehum Allah

Saladin Allah said...

Peace Almighty!!

I enjoyed ya Article; on point as always 7!!


"Yellow Seed" said...

Peace God,
I sent an email to you over the weekend, at you account, did you receive?