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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Knowledge the Wisdom of my Understanding

Peace ~ Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom, when added together borns Understanding. This is an order of perfection manifested by the Poor Righteous Teachers. When we take something, particularly the process of thought, it's looked upon as the result being the BEST part. In the Supreme Alphabet L is Love/Hell or Right. Love is the highest form Understanding, it doesn't have to come out of emotion but out of development.

I decided to put his post together, and was inspired by one of my best parts, my six year old son Allah Nasir Kweli. That's him posted above, and just to give a little background on him, his whole name manifested means The God, who is the Protector of Truth & Knowledge, he enjoys reading, football, TaeKwonDo, baseball, basketball, drawing, video games and many other things. He is the big brother of the little people, meaning I have a 15 & 14 year. old, and 6, 4 and 2 year old. He's a smart, sharp and loving young God. I'm a very honest person about my children, like my 4 year old Cheyenne D'Asia Earth is sweet and very swift and changeable. She will love you one second and will serve justice on you as she sees it the next, especially at clean up time 14/1-14 she'll laugh.

The reason I chose to write about him today, out of Power Seeds, is because of an event yesterday. The young God basically shined a little light on me about the 2/1-36 "I came to N. America by myself". Now he didn't quote the degree, but it was something that he convinced me to do for the 1st time in over 6 years, and that was to cut his hair. When I look at that degree, I Cee the basic daily struggle. The things we go through in life to progress, and we are the sole controller. 9.9/10 times you see me, unless I'm with my family, I'm the only one who speaks my own language. We're 5% out of 100%. But, it's about standing on your own two feet, being swift & changeable and being able to move in and out of ciphers. Feel me, I loved his locks in his hair; I put them in, and I usually managed them also. But I said "I". I walk in my shoes, I wear a suit when I need, and jeans when I wanna. When I had hair, I wore braids but I might have had to rock a pony tail at times. Then I cut it off, and said "it's hair, only hair". Back to the young God. At the age of 6 (Equality), he has truly began to show me his Equality with me. He has his own personality drawn up from Understanding. He has an opinion about everything. He has a great understanding of justice between right & wrong. So, my Earth said to cut it, and I had him sit in the chair. Then I told him "I can't do it". He broke down. And I'm not one for tears, traumatized I guess from years of getting that "you wanna cry, here's a real reason to cry" ass whoopin I got so many times. Usually he would have got the suck it up, clean your face off deal. But out of Love and Equality I seen how much something so simple as cutting his hair was important to him, God! Was it me holding on to his hair? I mean, he wasn't trying to convince me to let him drop out of high school, it's hair. He walks in and out of his own ciphers day in and day out. I always complimented his hair, because I knew for the past year he wanted it off. But, he wanted to look and feel like most of the other children. He wanted a "sharp" hair cut, he said. He hated when people thought he was a girl. I understood of his knowledge of his cipher. And I did it, with a small tear in my eye. And you would have thought the young God just touched down in Disney World. He couldn't wait to see it, I cut 1 lock he wanted to get up. When it was said and done, he had a new swag and I was happy for him.

The moral of this post is the process of Knowledge/Wisdom/Understanding. In this matter, it was time for me to see he took this issue through the process of such. It was time for me to let go of my Understanding for his. Sure as a responsible parent I won't allow him to do certain things, but there is a said birth record for materials, therefore, there is a time to let go too. There will be many issues the babies take us through, and we need to realize there are many issues and decisions we make that take them through things. We have to allow them to develop things about themselves and explore. My parents let me have a mullet at one time (parents hated it), a tail, a box (mind you I have straight hair), a Vanilla Ice joint, a cut like Charlie Sheen in Major League (triangles in the back), long, short, but not braids (I did that myself at age of 19 until I was 28). I had to ask them later why did you let me do that, my mother replied "it's hair Adam, it can come and go, just like one day you'll come and go".

Divine King Allah

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