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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3,680,000,000 and beyond! & Recognition of Great Minds

"The planet formally known as Pluto" or is it "Pluto formally known as a planet" LMAO!

Peace ~ Today's Supreme Mathematics is Understanding (3) and in the Supreme Alphabet is See/Cee (C). We (Gods & Earths) know the definition in general of this terms and can appreciate the correlation the above mentioned share with one another. In our knowledge in the 120 such tools or phrases, "..and has chosen for himself the best part...(3/14)", "...the science of everything in life...(18/1-40)". Those phrases or that knowledge supplied in the 120 is the exercise of Understanding. You can't chose the the best part if you don't see some bad parts, you can't teach the science of everything without exploration of the Unknown (X/Supreme Alphabet). So, the title "3,680,000,000 and beyond!", correlate with the completion of the Knowledge stage of 120, and going above and beyond staying in the box, to learn the "science of everything in life" and actually draw up "the best part for himself". To say that there isn't righteousness, or truth in practices Unknown to you with out actually looking into it, is doing the Wisdom (2) before Knowledge (1), and even worse is making Knowledge (1) Born (9) out of ignorance. Our lessons are a core value system, a foundation (the knowledge). It is a tool, if you will, for examination. What are you going to use your fucking tools on? Nothing? Its self? Now Cipher! Do the knowledge to that. My educator in this foundation (Tekwan Allah), opened my eyes to such. It came with "warnings" to knowledge the 120 and soak it up before exploration. Why? Because "exploration will side track you", "you won't be able to keep the best part for yourself because it will go over your head" without the right tools. Now he was educated, born and raised in our Mecca, Harlem New York, by Nakiim Allah, Born Justice Allah; are who he acredits for supplying him with the knowledge of self. He learned first had from Gods educated by Father Allah and/or the First 9 born, many other, and his lessons on paper, were from First Born Prince via Born Justice and have never been retyped (diluted mixed or tampered with in any form 9/1-14). And to me that says a lot. So, I learned the hard way and such "warnings" became the Justice for my actions. But, that was one Justice (being the reward or penalty) under my belt. But, I guess, is my point take things through the 120, be fluent in as many topics as possible and keep the best part.

One God I'd like to recognize for such, is Saladin Q. Allah. And with the work he puts in making Knowledge Born via any tool possible he's probably recognized by many and needs no introduction. However, the God has came out with 3 works off the jump and many other things free over the inter-net, Blogs/Youtube builds and also Youth Programs. I hold this brother in high regards, and appreciate what he does. I'll be the first to admit, I haven't read the books or placed my order yet, but with all the things he has done, my pockets are anticipating on getting them. Wether for myself or my youth programs or a gift.

A quick story, takes us back to 1997 (people have asked how did I come into knowledge of self). I can't recall what age it first started, but it carried through high school, that I was God. My mother & father will tell you, I said such and my father whoopin my ass for it. This was with no preconceived knowledge of Allah's Nation (5%, NGE), what so ever. High school I was calling all my peoples "God". Why, because of Wu-Tang. Wu-Tang had nothing to do with me at that time "thinking" I was God (that was born years before), but that it was cool/hip to call people or say "Yo God". So, '97 (Born God) I went to a "up'y ass", "white" college. For what? For free, for being a "minority" and playing sports; go figure. In my same class was a star basketball player, a brotha in for the same reason, name C.Davis. We had an introduction in a class and he said "I want to learn the science of everything in life and man/woman/child". And everyone, but myself, laughed. I was like, thats some cold shit! After class I introduced myself by saying "Yo God". He looked at me like, I just said some cold shit. I admired him for what he said, and he in for a strange reason admired what I said, "Yo God". Low and behold, the next door neighbor of Saladin Allah. Now, he wasn't a student of Saladin but with what I said (Yo God), and what he learned or heard from Saladin meshed. So, on that day I was introduced to the Nation of Gods and Earths. Now it would be many years until I met Saladin, but C.Davis told me what the Nation was about from the knowledge he had from Saladin. But is set forth my motion to look for one to enlighten me, and explore and study what I could find. Soon after, I spoke with a close friend and brother Shateik, who was locked down. I explained what I had found out about, and with that he met a God in jail who he would gain knowledge of self from and mailed me the Mathematics & Alphabet. Later that year I would meet a God name Tekwan Allah, who bust my ass for saying "Peace God" and rocking a Jesus piece (shit was fly diamonds and shit lol). The only real tool I had was the Mathematics, Alphabet and my understanding of the relationship of the Native Americans & the Blackman. Didn't go too far with swift God from Harlem, hungry and always on point and lived blocks from the origins of all this. So, he took me in and begin the knowledge of self as we understand it, NGE. So, when Tekwan graduated from College and was heading back to Mecca, he said, "reach a God by the name of Saladin, he's a good brotha". So, just like the lessons he supplied me with, his words were like gold. And it would still be years at a Show & Prove (2000 if I'm correct), building with Kinetic 9 (and many others but this was Berreta 9 from I would meet the God.

So "Hats Off" to those Gods who have paved my way into Understanding or even just planting the seed of Knowledge! Still to this day, I appreciate, respect and build with these Gods.

P.ositive E.ducation A.ways C.orrects E.rrors.
Divine King Allah


Saladin Allah said...

Peace God!! You got me all ready to distill and shit!!! LOL! Word up though, I appreciate you alot 7 and it's good to know that you are also a invaluable resource to me in this wilderness! I look forward to the Family Feast Naheem is organized so we can all come together and celebrate family!

Peace Allah,

tislammagnetic said...

Peace Almighty!
Good points regarding the (x)unknown..How can one know what is, if they don't kno what is not..Also good jewel in regard to "exploration being a distraction" I'm ceeing that right now in one of my students.Your build just helped me determine a better study plan to aid him in his walk.Thanks and Peace.