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Monday, December 15, 2008

ABBT to Equality

Peace ~ today's supreme mathematics is Knowledge (1) Power/Refinement (5). Can Knowledge Power/Refinement, be "all being born to Equality". IDK can it? The ABBT question. I say look at the terms your using, all/being/born and to. ALL representing the principals you just used, for this example Knowledge Power/Refinement. BEING is to have life and BORN is to have received that life and brought into existence. TO is equal. So can this be possible? Yes it "may" or no it "may not". That depends upon you. What I'm saying is, simply don't use terminology because you hear it all the time. Without the the True & Living or the Showing and Proving of the mathematics, it's simply terminology. Words on paper, or embedded in your mind. One must live mathematics for it to be ABBT! Without the life force behind it, it's just words.


Divine King Allah

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