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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Peace ~ What's the science readers? Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Knowledge. Wisdom is the manifestation of one's knowledge. It's the exercise of what you know. Now in the realms of exercise and fitness, the same regimen is only good for so long before your muscles become use to it and its time to change it up or add on. Same with Knowledge. And that's a key point of adding on with others. We add on the best part to what we already know and Born's an Understanding, thus Wisdom and Knowledge still bringing forth an Understanding. So, continue to add on, because if the mind is not feed in due it will become anorexic. It's also important because change is inevitable, whether it be time or people. So, we say the babies are the best part but if your not talking what they want to hear, it's in one ear and out the other. One person who has been doing a great job of this is the 47 year old President Barack Hussien Obama.

Obama is the new wave President, a breath of fresh air if you will. Some might look at him like a JFK, young with idea's of change and hope. Yesterday's Inauguration was monumental, and moving. Now, if you didn't know I'm a historical, political, social and economical, government junkie. It was my passion as a young child, followed me into my college studies, and right into my classroom. I have an instilled passion for searching and teaching truths on all levels. So, when I look back at yesterday, all who can read this today have lived to see a great piece in world history. Now don't get me wrong, I don't feel like he is here to save the Original Man and rid of all our problems. The truth of the matter is, THERE IS NO MYSTERY GOD (10/1-40) and that's based of searching for trillions of years.

As Obama begins to lead the U.S. and the citizens within it's boundaries; into and through some of the most challenging times, that any leader could face, he looks determined and sounds sincere. Make no doubt about it that he is an Original Man, and has in just little time and on just face value, changed many peoples views of their future, their origins, and the United States. He is a poster boy for the Original man of all shades and so called ethnicity's. Now some may call him a HALF-ORIGINAL (3/1-14) based off his heritage (which I see as NOW CIPHER), or perhaps off his "thought process" or views (which I would say give him an opportunity to show & prove). He has made it cool to the masses to be an Original Man. Even the celebrations and balls that went on had flavor. I couldn't image if that dried up muthafuckin McCain would have won. The very man who thought the average American household income was an average of $2.5 Million, LMAO. It wasn't even fair, Obama vs. a damn idiot.

So perhaps this is more of an expression on a view point, rather than a build on degrees. However, the application of 120 or better yet 360 is applied in my thought process. I blog shortly on a build, i was off on vacation for a while.

Divine King Allah


SUNEZ said...

Peace God,

I come in the name of Sunez Allah. I follow your blog with a respect and admiration for your sincerity in sharing and integrity in principle revealed.

If I may I would like to offer countering views on Obama. The imagery and the exuding of change and hope all amassing to a breath of fresh air I feel are unfounded. Our ensuing reality, as those who know, are that we must be the ones to eventually understand and reveal an equality of balance to what will commence for our peoples' sake.

Every real signal from actual declarations of direct support, legislation supported, economic principles advocated and the entire selection of his cabinet, ready us for the last great stand of this devils' society to mask its indiscretion and intention to further bloodsuck us.

I refer you to two articles I penned on my blog as detail with references, resources and insights.

The Matrix Concessions

Oh, Baws! Allow Me’s Anotha Prez-ent: The Politicizing of Our Energies

Sunez Allah

Divine King Allah said...

Peace Almighty,

I loved your writing. It is without a shadow of a doubt that he, along with probably any other politition we will ever live to see in this country is nothing more than a puppet. We truely live in a two party system that is nothing more than a mask of the 10%.

As a young child I had thoughts of socialism before I knew the actual term, and how each of us as individuals play an important part in each others life to sustain.

Now, I'm feel fortunate to be unfortunate. In that I mean, it's sad to think as politics as a game rather than a reality. Playing the game of voting or rooting for the better of a two worse ~smile. Sad but true. Believe me when I say, I share your very thoughts and actually admire your writing. Politics is politricks. There are very few to none, leaders who fight or assist for a righteous cause, with no personal intrest or capital gain. And in the eyes of the 10% they can't understand that.

So although my writing may have gave off this sense of relief, when in reality that was the overall feeling I got from many. I stand strong in political views, and excise equality through and through, when it comes to the "leaders" of the country, I'm looking for the best part.

Divine King

SUNEZ said...

Peace God,

I'm honored at the appreciation for my work. Your understanding is as profound as I expected. With so much confusion that will ensue with this presidency among our people, the 85, whom we love, we will be the ones to offer a counter voice and clarity.

I'll definitely continue to do the knowledge to your understanding.

Sunez Allah