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Friday, May 30, 2008

...Plus 2 million Indians...

Peace ~ This is the introduction article to Allah In Bethlehem, I will give you a little information on my more recent Ancestors, to give you an idea of where I'm coming from. I say "more recent" because my history is older than the Sun, Moon, Stars and has no beginning and no ending. And some without Knowledge of Self (some with too), find it Unknown to why I teach the Original Blackman is God and where I-God Born into this; higher level of Understanding, I suppose. The title of the article makes reference to the Understanding (3rd) Degree in the Student Enrollment because that degree makes Knowledge Born to my more recent Ancestors and helped Born me to explore my further family story and Understand my Godhood.

So by census terms, I'm "Indian/Native American", and I've had Knowledge of Self for Knowledge Knowledge (11) Years. People have also made reference to me as the "Indian God", and that makes me laugh because I picture a Reddish/Brown male, with long straight black hair, rocking some war paint and Jesus Christ Robe with a Tomahawk, but I Understand. But I must make reference to one who has always kept it mathematically correct my God Brother, Saladin Quanaah' Allah, who would simply say "he's part of the 2 million".

So who are the 2 million Indians? 1st and foremost we "...are original people". We are the ancestors of the Originalman who traveled here long before; as the degree states "16,000 years ago". And that's and argurable number because there are other records that indicate 45,000 years ago and even earlier (that's neither here nor there). The main point is the Originalman, who is God, was seen and heard all over the planet Earth before HIS-story can mark. They were the Aztec, Mayans, Incans, Cherokee and Iroquois; just to name a few. They had developed every kind of society: nomadic, hunting groups, settled farming communities, and dazzling civilizations with cities as large as any then on earth. So, 3rd degree in the 1-10 terminology was made appropriate for 1934, and Layman's terms of today. When one does the Knowledge, you have the term "Indians", so he was speaking their uncivilized language because 4th degree 1-36. With the application of Knowledge, shown and proved through Wisdom, the term "Indians" turns to Natives of the America's, which now incorporates the Original Peoples of North/Central/South America and the Caribbean Islands. Which then we gain the Understanding of the Originalman's travels from the Eastern Part of the World and his origins in Asia. ALLAH has expressed himself in many shades and through many cultures; some misunderstood, commercialized, exploited and some just straight up fucked over. But, I'm not here to shine light more on the Aboriginal people of the Americas, anymore than I am any of the other Original People of the world, because in actuality we are all one and he (devil) wants " try to divide us. He wants us to think that we are all different", but just to Cee the world through this God's (I~Divine King Allah) eyes.

Well my immediate families "Written-Story" is known as the Iroquois or in Native tongue Haudenasaunee (People of the long-house). Which is made of (now) 6 tribes known as Six Nations, to which I am Cayuga/Gayogoho-no (People of the Swamp). They, like many others, have their own myths, legends, prophets, way of life, religion/practices, creation stories. There are so many things I can speak on, that the posting could go on and on. So, I will save them for separate postings, so one can pick and choose, what is and not relevant to them. But, when money is right and I can travel the 9,000 miles you can catch me in Mecca, or at the parks on a daily basis in Bethlehem/Buffalo NY (coaching, building w/the babies...etc), the inner city, or through e(quality) mail. And please don't confuse my Knowledge with my Culture, for my Culture and daily living is I-God.

In closing, if you were wondering, the picture above is a before and after picture of a Native who was taken from his reserve and placed in a boarding school and made other than his ownself. Which, I have even heard stories of such that happened up and until the late 1960's. Willfully you enjoyed my first but not last post. Any one looking for me to post, how I see something, or just care to build, I encourage you to contact me at my email. I will constantly be looking for ideas. With that I say, P.ositive E.ducation A.lways C.orrects E.rrors


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BSMALLAH said...

Peace! Thanks for makin Knowledge Born! The Understandin is Understood-They are original people! I was Born in Guatemela C.A., home of The Mayan Indian so, it s good to hear from my A-like