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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wisdom of God!

Peace, this morning when my alarm went off, I rolled over and glared at the Wisdom of God. My Earth, Queen and Wife, Matimah. Yeah, I said it, "WIFE". Legally, in the books and on paper! My Knowledge or 1st anniversary past on 7/27/08 (during the time I was off line), B.orn U.niversal T.ruth, I thought it may be a good topic to build about. I've seen Gods get contriversal over the topic of marriage, some just curious. So, yeah I got married 7/27/07 and had a real nice celebration. Some God's, Earth's, Original's, Babies and Colored's attended. You can also read the article by Saladin Allah "Divine's Union!", to hear about the event. So, lets get to it. I'm building for those 1. wondering if they should get married, 2. knock 7 & 17's for getting married, 3. curious, 4. my readers.

Let me take it through what defines Wisdom of God in the realms of Divine King Allah.

Wisdom being the manifestation of one's Knowledge. So with Knowledge being Self, it's an expression of you or I. It's scholarly knowledge, wise acts or sayings. It's a general term (wisdom) or title put upon that expression or thing. When you say bullshit, people say or see it as such. But when you come on your A game with you knowledge sharp and you express that, it's Wisdom! Wisdom is an honorable title. I feel blessed when people listen to me build and they say "that's wisdom". Just as I feel blessed when people say you have a good/smart/intelligent woman, or as the NGE would say a Wiz, Queen or Earth (and she is all those titles as defined in the NGE).

OF God, not Wisdom/God ABBT (lol)...etc. I said OF GOD. It is that which is from and belongs to God, and God is ALLAH. His nature or his culture is ISLAM, or in this case "my nature". Nature, being natural. Natural attraction! I was God (had Knowledge of Self) when she met me, and I'll be God when I part from this physical. So to some this up, I didn't choose her and she didn't choose me. There was a natural attraction. I never had to fool her into Understanding God was Born in the form of I (27th/1-36). So, she is the Wisdom of God.

So how did I get her to Knowledge God? I don't know if that's the important part, but it may be for those who are "trying" to transform their woman into a Queen. The jewels I present to you in the following are from experience. I have lived the good and bad parts knowingly and unknowlying. And I've went thought the Loving of Hell to come out Right.

1). Musa had a hard time civilizing the devil because he was a savage (2/1-14). So if you partake in Social Equality (8/1-14) that questions your Godliness, don't wonder why she is or isn't attracted to the correct things. Our true Culture (4), we Build & Destroy (8).

2). You have to understand & take accountablitiy to why things go on in your cipher, really understanding "But what brings Rain, Hail, Snow and Earthquakes? (13/1-40)" And it's not a mystery God, lol. Don't wonder why she searched through your phone to investigate who you been calling; didn't you tell her she has to explore and do the knowledge to things so she can see things for what they really are, and not what they appear to be?

3). Know how the devil was made (30/1-40). Graphing. Taking the weaker parts and feeding that particular weakness or feeding off it. We all have our flaws (weaknesses), don't feed off hers to make your self feel good or pull off stunts on her. You'll sleep easier at night too.

4). Understand your part in MGT & GCC (14/1-14). These training units were given to us by W.D.Fard (male). You can't teach something you don't know. Know how to take care of your Wiz, Children, Home, how to cook, Sew and how to act at home and abroad! Find a work balance for the two of you. That taking care of the home stuff is HARD! I feel like sometimes I goto work to relieve me of being at home. Don't expect her to do all that shit because you took the degree on face value.

5). I have NEVER force fed her to: learn lessons, acknowledge me as God, dress in a particular manor or expect her to be accepting of other females. Agree to disagree, but my cipher is complete and tight. And she still traveled at the terrific speed of 1037 1/3 mph (8/1-40). You can't just tell her "Yo Queen, you gotta respect and acknowledge me as God, the Almighty true and living". Show & Prove through your ways and actions who and what the true and living really are. You can teach a degree without even mentioning any word associated with such, then present the degree (she'll love that one). The clothed in 3/4th? Is dressing appropriate for the occassion without being revealing. Putting a fucking piece of cloth on someone's head never gave them knowledge. I know woman with a perm and makeup with crazy knowledge, that might not make them happy with their natural looks, but she got brains!! It's an overstatement. I love my wife when she has wrapped her hair but I never thought less when she stopped. Just like I don't walk around waving a flag. And I love the nations flag, from the colors to the whole design and the science behind it. But I don't wear it like I'm bout to hit the Buffalo Bills Game (shout outs to the Bills 4-0 so far in the '08). Agree to disagree.

6). Marriage? Well "WE" (not a minister/no Yacub, we wanted to when we were ready (28/1-40) wanted a celebration for people to come and enjoy our relationship with us. And most of the people who wanted to did, and others who I thought for sure would be there, didn't. It's a day of Show & Prove. We accepted all gifts and were grateful, but to be honest with you we really didn't even expect anything. Not even the gifts we did get. Everyone had a blast and it was our day that was our spot light day. We treated ourselves and others to come and enjoy. And if your a person who says "The Father said we shouldn't get married...etc". Build with some of the elders on what was said, and who he said that to. Do me a favor, listen to some of the podcasts of the elders in this nation build, and you will come out with the truth. Don't give me that he say, she say BS and God shouldn't be with one woman. Hey if it takes more than one woman to complete what I've found in one; more power to you. You'll need it.

But I wanted to share with you, that which reflects I. I've heard and seen a lot of horror stories for force feeding a Wiz. So, possibly how you too "can see this day for which I have been waiting for (40/1-40)". If you found this interesting, please share with somebody. Tell others to check me out, if you like my posts. I look for suggestions on topics too. I hope to get a video page going soon and drop a little more knowledge on the 2,000,000 Indians. Peace ~ Divine King Allah


"Yellow Seed" said...

I respect your decision brother. However, Allah DID say not to get married and why....don't think that just because someone advocates NOT getting married that they simply took the statement on face value. You seem too wise to be silly enough to think they don't know and understand why and what was revealed historical. Some may not, yet many do. And fuk a podcast, travel outside your home circumference and walk with some of these elders...

Also, addin' on. I emailed you a month or so ago and you never responded back. What's the science?

Your brother,
Sha-King Cehum Allah

Divine King Allah said...

Sha-King Cehum Allah, peace almighty. Appreciate the add on. I've heard both that he said and didn't say that. And I know the build behind it that Original men naturally belong with original women. There is no need for a union of that sort when your word is your bond. If your bond is your life and you commit, and no need for extended vows. But true indeed about walking with them but I know all won't and all should utilize what is available. And when I said "they will find the truth" I should have put more along the lines that "they would be able to draw up their own understanding". That's why I didn't put "he (Father Allah) said...etc". But I've heard both...I just drew it up for myself, and no harm done. But again glad to see someone checking out the page. Email me brother, I just have to look out for it, too much spam in the box (lol) ~ Peace Divine King Allah

Saladin Allah said...

Peace Lord!

In light of all the dysfunctional/functional relationships in his Nation, You and the Queen are indeed a Supreme Model of how our Universal Family should function! I had a wonderful time at your Divine Union and look forward to one day celebrating my own! -smile-

As far as "The Father" saying this or that; some of his insight was time senstitive. Meaning, there were other different 'some layers of currents' (8/1-40) in that era that obviously influenced his statement. If "The Father" was around today he might advocate NGE Convents or Polygamus Communes. LOL! -shrugs-

All in all, we "preserve the best part for ourselves" (1/1-14)


"Yellow Seed" said...

Peace God,
I emailed you again, at the address you've provided on your blog and you have yet to hit me back. I'm started to think you got a problem with me g, lol. Just make knowledge born if there's a problem.

Sha-King Cehum Allah

Divine King Allah said...

LOL, Now Cipher God, I'll check it tonite! I work on the computer from my classroom 99% of the time. Yahoo mail is blocked here, and they also block those generator web sites that let you get around blocks God. I'm blessed to get on sites such as this and original thought while at the justice.

Divine King Allah

Divine King Allah said...
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BSMALLAH said...

Peace Divine King! Peace to you and The Earth! I refer to my Wiz.,(other than Queen, Earth) as my Wife, even though we re not married, I simply mean, Wisdom I Father Equality, and she certainly does! My que. is, so, what was said and who did He say it to?

Divine King Allah said...

That was my whole point to the whole thing. I really don't do the whole Father said this, or this God said that. However, if I should, I would end p saying "I drew it up as this or that", and that's me God. I have never heard the Father speak, accept on audio that I couldn't hear. And to this day people still debate things in our Nation, ie: mathematics Culture/Freedom, Power/Refinement, and I won't call it silly because each man/woman make their own, so who am I to say what is silly and not to them. This is Knowledge of Self and I came to the wilderness of N. America by myself. In the end, we have to draw it up how we see it, and love & respect each other! That's a nation. By far, I'm not perfect, but I love striving.
Peace Almighty God,
DK Allah