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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"X is Unknown and the Whiteman...blah blah blah)"

Peace~I am back once again. I know, I wasn't around last time long enough to gain many readers. But I do appreciate those who will begin to check back again. So as you may know I'm a Native Culture Teacher and it was summer time and I haven't made a post since around the last day of school. So I must have been living it up enjoying the 3 reasons people become teachers, June/July/August. Wrong! Actually I picked up another job to help run a Summer Program called STAR. This gave the youth an opportunity to wake up early, get a complete breakfast, eduation & tutoring in Math/English/Craft, plenty of free time & activities and lunch. It was available to children entering Pre-K through those entering 9th grade. It was at no cost to the parents, free daycare. Then I came home and built with my Wife and 5 Children, updating my home and then off to Coach Football, then the end of the night family stuff and then hit the gym from the Born hour to the King/Kingdom hour. So, I'm back to my regular now job, and I picked up 3 more postions. One is on Friday nights as a Youth Developement Assistant (youth prevention, gang violence, pregnancy, financing, culture) and the other is part of a commitee so assure the schools are supplying the children with nutrious meals, and an after school tutor. My day was and still is a true 360. The babies are the greatest, so I give all I can while I can.

Before I build on what I wanna touch on, I just wanna say the Gods have been building on-line! I got on Original Thought and was playing Build after Build and interview after interview (right in my classroom). The interview w/Allah Jihad was superb, Abu Shahid interview was filled w/jewels, and the A.S.I.A. site was putting it out there too. I was setting up my classroom listening, reading builds from Saladin Allah and listening to interviews on lunch while eating. People who inspire me to keep striving. Peace to the NGE who make it happen.

In Allah's Supreme Alphabet today's date (24th) relates to the letter X which is Unknown. And it brought me back to Gods I have met and built with that just don't get it. By me saying "just don't get it", I mean they have no clue why they deal with the NGE (it's Unknown to them), and some of them have the fliest SHYT to say. Their able to use the Supreme Alphabet like I'm in fucking Vietnam trying to decode morse. I've heard them use the Alphabet/Mathematics to flip weight, and can't tell me how they see today's mathematics or why their still stagnated at 6. But don't get me worng. You can't measure a man by his money, cars, clothes, title (In the name of)...etc. However, we are judged by our Wisdom ~ our ways, actions and what we say. Wisdom, when I build with some people who don't understand that, I say that's how I promote or advertise myself. Now in the business of advertisment, some is good, and some is bad. Like car sales, they say you can own this new car, $0 down, $159.00. And your like, "Shyt I can afford that!". When you get there your credit or credentials don't meet theirs to get that deal. Yours is now $3000.00 down and $250 a month. This is what you will get in the realms of a Free Cipher. Some right & exact, good, aight, wrong, and twisted. So, that's why we Show n Prove, Gods & Earths! So, when presented with how I see 4 as Culture/Freedom or 5 as Power/Refinement, and I say Show n Prove to me 2 is Wisdom, and they get to stating the same definition we all got when we came in to this, and then I say, well your ways and actions reflect different from what you say you teach. I've even ran into some who use "L" ~ Love, Hell or Right as an excape. They say, "I'm going through this because I gotta Love, Hell to come out Right". I say "True Indeed Almighty, so this is the 1st time you've gone through this, right?". You already know where I'm going if your striving to be right and exact. I've never put someone on blast, I've always let them put themselves.

Inconclusion, Yes my word is bond and bond is life, and I will give my life before my word shall fail (ans. 11/1-14). I've failed on my word before, and I would expect that person to serve justice as they see it, but know I probably damn near broke my neck to try and make it happen. But know I would never take advantage of such to justify my actions. Be honest and sincere in your ways. Live based off experience, make mistakes once and love the lesson of hell so you come out right. This was a short build, next time there won't be so much catching up to do and I can get right to the build. I am Divine King Allah, and Peace!


Saladin Allah said...

Peace Almighty!!!

Glad to cee you back & good build!


BSMALLAH said...

Peace to The God Divine King! You sound like you are about my Father s business! Builders Build! You are a Builder! Peace!