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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Understanding, never ever Overstanding!

Allah's Supreme Mathematics

NASIR at the age 2.5, he's six now.

Peace ~ I woke up this morning to my six year old telling me "Today is the Understanding day, right Daddy?", and I replied "True indeed Almighty, true indeed". Figuring out the days Supreme Mathematics, is new for the young God. He has been able to quote the mathematics since he around 2.5, but not associate with the numbers. I use to speak the mathematics to him while still in the womb, and go through degrees while resting my head on the Earth's stomach. He's also remembered a majority of the Supreme Alphabet and knows the question 1/1-10 but his answer is still "Me" (and that's Peace). I've gone easy on teaching the memorization part because I never wanted him to be confused in school and be a lip professor (at that age, it's hard for them to develop that Understanding, and repeat so much). He's also a white belt in TaeKwon-Do, but once he's back on his A game, he'll have his yellow stripe if not yellow belt. He's a great reader, loves Xbox 360 and cartoons. He has a crazy sense of humor and people say "He's a little you (ME)".

My four year old daughter is great! She doesn't know all her Supreme Mathematics but will say "Peace God" with the biggest smile, when I walk through the door. Even after a long hard day, that two seconds through the door I forgot how hard the day was. She loves art, drawing, painting, coloring, school, wrestling (physically), and learning a little TaeKwon-Do. On May 18, 2004 (while my wife was pregnant with her) I faced a big decision. I got set up at someone's house, while hustling hard. That night, I swear I smelled a set up in the air and had nothing on me. So, the 3 amigo's who set me up wanted to go back to my house (but didn't know where I lived). The whole time my wife and her being pregnant was on my mind. I decided these flunkies would just have to kill my ass, because the unborn would not have to pay for my mistakes. But before I made my choice, I decided I was going to make it home and see my baby be born. Without too much details, that night I took 6-8 shots (with entrance and exist wounds, also bullets still lodged in, Doc's couldn't tell), of 14 fired shots. I WALKED out the hospital that night with no major issues. She has since been my will to live and better myself.

And the young G, who's only two. Who says he is two and peace (the two fingers gave him that understanding). We found out my wife was pregnant with him while I was doing some social equality with another female. So, he came about during a ruff part of our (wife and I) relationship, obviously because I let another woman fulfill my wife's time. We've since worked through that, but he is my constant reminder that I have chosen the best part for myself and I am most appreciative that she reflects my light. He looks like me, acts as I did and is that child that your parents tell you "One day you'll have a child and he will be just like you, so you better watch out". He's bright (physically & mentally lol), has a fast temper, no fear and always has to do everything himself, just like me. He has the best smile in the world.

My wife has two other children (14 &15), that I have been apart of their life for 11 years now. They know no other father than I, although their biological lives 20 miles away. They taught me patience. I never wanted to go too hard on them, in fear of looking like the bad guy. Well that happened away. They'll understand one day.

To me, this is what Understanding is when we say it's the best part. It's that purpose in life and that will to live. Overstand? "I beg your pardon" I never heard of that. Understanding is just that, Overstanding an over statement and word play. I mean what I say, and say what I mean.