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Friday, February 20, 2009

20 - T - Truth, my philosophies of living

Peace ~ Just thought I'd share a few ideas of my philosophies. On 2/9/09, I turned 30 years old, or wise. The different trails and tribulations of the past 30 years have created who I am today. And it's safe to say that because, through this experience, I am constantly growing and elevating - better yet Refining. They're 85% of people who can't cee or say that. We say they are stuck at 6. To observe that, I say look at those who have been doing the same thing their whole life. I'm not talking about the same job, wife, day in day out thing. I'm talking about those still going through and creating the same Hell and NOT coming out right. I have come to look at things in life as there is no "wrong or right", only "righteous & devilishment". We will go through trials and tribulation, "hells" if you will. But the objective is not to get stuck within that hell. Everything has come about either from the Original Man, or the Original Mind. It all stems from one origin, and if it didn't we (NGE) would teach a creation story of each individual man (Black, Brown, Yellow, White). Instead, we show & prove of a grafting process. There are truths and untruths within everything. Key word "within". So, it is possible to manifest such, but it's better that we don't. The other key word is "everything". Everything is everything because it derives or is manifest or has been manifested from one origin, in essence. The "half-truths" and "untruths" exist because of the "TRUTH".

Is it the best way and only? For me and my family it is the best way. Is it the only way, for enlightenment ~ no for the truth ~ yes. To know your place and origin in this world is 101, in my view. 101 being that introduction to life. We learn about other people for years, class after class. But many have forgot about one person, SELF. One can reach "an" enlightenment without Knowledge of Self, but to know the Origin and Knowledge of Self puts YOU in the story now. This Nation has raised my alertness, awareness to watch out for the trickery of the 10%'s teachings. This Nation has raised my Consciousness to a vibrant level to help maintain my physical & mental well being. Overall my Knowledge Wisdom Understanding Culture/Freedom Power/Refinement Equality God Build/Destroy Born to complete my Cipher. However, that doesn't me I can read a book on fitness and be fit - you knowledge me? It has basically raised my confidence (not ego) to learn about many other things, without being lead in the wrong direction or religion (reli-on-gin ~ which means to rely on something out side of one's self).

One can find man codes of ethics within religions, cultures, schools of thought...etc. It's not that these codes might not be found in 120 or KOS but perhaps you may have needed to view it in another form to draw out that understanding out. Watching someone getting slapped in the face on TV seemed funny, until I've been slapped in the face - you knowledge me? However, never take your self out the realms of the codes and think they will automatically apply because you read it, or some mystery God will install it. For those still lost, that Mystery God is YOU, it's only a mystery because you have yet to explore YOU on that level.

God is God and Devil is Devil, however the devil has a birth record, in essence. We all have a physical birth record. Can an Original Man be the Devil? I'm beyond that. I'm am GOD and ALLAH. I live life with a humbleness and understanding that one has no purpose without the other. We are all here in the physical and mental in one confined place.

Humbleness is necessary. The universe has a rhythm. So, one must move with the rhythm of Universe internally and externally. Its the key to health, life, longevity. Relationships are their own universe.

So, those are just a few philosophies of living that I've touched on and refined over the past year. I'm sure there were many others, but these were key focuses. If you were wondering how I spent my Born Day ~ 2/9/09 was a full-moon and spent my evening with people I didn't know or have never met, at a Lakota Sweat Lodge. It was a born day I won't soon forget, if ever. I also partied for the rest of the week enjoying life with friends and family who acknowledge the God ~ Thank you all, you mean the world to me and give me a purpose. Willfully you all have good friends and family like mine.

Peace Divine King Allah

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"Yellow Seed" said...

Peace God!
I too, have come to a place in my life where I don't see things as "right or wrong". I look at them as either Build or Destroy, that which will further yor development or take away from it. The polarization of our mindsets has been so immense, it's hard for people to get out of thinking "black/white" so to speak.