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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Foundation and Character

Peace, feels good to be back on the scene. Willfully remain steadfast to writing. My computer went down, and the economic side of me said "I grew up without a computer, I can do without". I have definitely learned how to divest myself of many superfluities of life. However, the time was well spent; reading, studying, writing...etc. Basically, "steady building and manifesting" (this is my new slogan by the way). These are qualities that I don't see too many people carrying out; and I'm not just talking about Gods and Earths. I'm talking about society, but one who is a person of that said ability should definitely reflect such traits or qualities. Their core values of what possibly MAY be the 1st thing you learned upon gaining Knowledge of Self; Allah's Supreme Mathematics.

Although, Supreme Mathematics was not the very 1st thing I studied upon these rites; it wasn't very far behind the fast, "What do we teach" and the 14th-16th/1-40. Yeah, I had to clean myself up, know exactly what I was getting myself into and show myself being worthy. Some say "Worthy?". Yes, worthy! Show and Prove to the God, I wasn't there to waste his time or mine.

The Supreme Mathematics are basic principles underlying all of creation. Principles being defined as 1. rule of conduct or action 2. fundamental truth or cause. Everything in Allah's world is manifest through the process of 1-9 or Knowledge to Born, to be complete or 0/Cipher.

I'm simply mentioning these primary & fundamental, yet very important characteristics because many forget time and time again. Not so much verbatim Knowledge, Wisdom...etc, or 1-9 but the core definitions or traits of each. Each principle carries a trait, when and only when you live and carry out such traits and characteristics are you living Allah's Supreme Mathematics.

Point is, there are many who can carry themselves well by living out Allah's Supreme Mathematics and carry an attracting power. I'm talking about the positive attraction of an individual, where just their presence speaks volumes and I'm not just talking about when among the Gods and Earths. What kind of power do you carry Positive or Negative? If your only welcome is among the peanut shows and proves your limit of attraction.

Divine King Allah